Photoshop CS batch action for saving jpeg files

Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by ed_tobin, Jun 4, 2005.

  1. I want to create an action that I can call from batch automation. All the action needs to do
    is open each file that is in the source folder that I selected when I started the batch job
    and then save it as a jpeg image in the same folder that the source images resides in with
    a the same name just a different file extension.

    In CS you can not do a Save-As for jpeg and when I use the Save-for-web I do not see how
    I can control were the image is saved when I start the batch job.

    Any suggestions?

  2. I'm confused by your problem. I've done exactly what you're talking about (actually, my batch action rotates the image, too). I've also saved files individually as JPGs.
  3. I have not tried to use the Save-for-web, but I run actions on batch jobs using the file browser and I get a screen that allows me to select where to save the file. Record your action and try running it using the browser.
  4. Hi Ed,

    If your source images are 16bit you will not be able to save as jpeg, so one of your action commands will be to convert the image to 8bit.
  5. You can't ever control where a save-as goes when you start the batch, only when you
    record the action. (You can however, double-click on the action's save step to re-record it)

    1) you certainly can save-as as jpg in CS, but it won't let you if you're in a bit depth other
    than 8, or in LAB color mode.

    2) Save for Web works just like the regular save. Do an actual save as you record your
    action, NOT changing the filename (Photoshop automatic extension changes are O.K., but
    if you make manual changes to the filename they get recorded in the action and all your
    saves are to that one filename.)
  6. Thanks everyone it was the 16Bit problem. I assumed that since CS claims to support 16Bit
    i thought it was for everything.

    Anyway updating my action to change to 8Bit then i can do what i was looking for.

  7. Hi Ed,

    Glad you sorted it. Its not Photoshops fault that jpeg is in 8bit. Thats just the way jpeg is. Tiff and psd can be 16bit files. Photoshop CS2 now supports 32bit which is really strange as monitors cannot render in 32bits so you cannot see the actual image!
  8. Thanks Mark, I learn something everytime I post on this site. I was not aware that the jpeg
    standard only supported 8Bit

    Well I think I will stay with CS for a while unless I find some real compelling reason to

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