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Discussion in ' Site Help' started by WJT, Oct 19, 2003.

  1. WJT

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    Is it possible to upgrade the link for "Photos With More Than 10
    Ratings". Please. We need that number to be "more than 20" ratings.
    Almost 80% of my portfolio has more than 10 ratings and is now showing
    up in that link. Thank you.
  2. gib


    Congratulations, Walter on so many with more than 10 ratings, but the rest of the peasants like me, like it the way it is, thanks. : )
  3. I'll second that notion Wm! I can't seem to get more than 10 ratings on anything.
  4. WJT

    WJT Moderator

    Now William, you are no peasant. I've seen your work posted from time to time, and also recently investigated your folder. A lot of your work is inexplicably underrated; especially in your "Autumn" and "New Cameras" folders. We need to increase your visibility somehow.

    And Anthony, I've seen your work in the past as well. Looking at your folder, most of your photographs are very highly rated; several are +40 ratings. So you are not being quite forthright here.

    If this request is a problem for others then, by all means, let the powers of PhotoNet relegate it to oblivion. This forum is to test the waters, so to say. Regards.
  5. Perhaps there could be a 'photographer's top-rated' link that would display the 10 or 20 highest-rated photos from a given portfolio. This could be useful for some cases where people have a huge portfolio with many subfolders, and you only want to get a quick taste of the kind of work the photographer does.

    Of course, photographers who want to showcase a representative sample of their portfolio can always do that by creating a presentation.
  6. upper-end outliers would be best.
  7. The way that photos are put up for people to critique means (a) you have to ask and (b) recent requests with less than 10 scores get priority. In a lot of cases pictures go from 0 to 10 very quickly and stop. For some reason more of my pictures have had six scores than any other number, followed by 10 scores.
  8. There is a definite problem with the rating system as it sends
    pictures with 10 ratings down the viewing order, and many
    including mine get "stuck" on ten. I have queried this in another
    thread some time ago and was told that I needed to increase m
    profile by rating and commenting, so that I would become more
    known and people would then look for my work.

    I am afraid although I have participated (and enjoy it) it has made
    little difference to the "getting stuck at 10". Whilst I have to
    accept it as part of the process, it is somewhat
    demotivating to have your pictures "stuck". I am not afraid to say
    I want my pictures to get more ratings/comments than they do,
    its what I am here for partly and to get more knowledge,
    experience, learning of course.

    I use "stuck" in inverted commas, because I was told they were
    not stuck, but in my view they certainly are. I would expect many
    many people are finding the same. Its up to all of us to keep on
    looking down the top pages for longer than we usually do, and
    give people lower down some good honest comments and or
    ratings. This will encourage people like me as well as get us
    out of the 10's and therefore available for more people to see our

    I know, I know, its all been said before, but as a relative
    newcomer I am saying it again as it is important to me.


  9. I'll third that notion Wm! Other than two or three of my best sunsets/sunrises I have a hard time getting 10 ratings, even with images that have been view 2 or 3 thousand sometimes more times.
  10. guys, delete your current critique request and resubmit it. If your scores are low you'll stop and hold steady at 11. If they are high, you will accumulate more than 11. I don't know what the actual cut-off numbers are.
  11. Just for your info Walter... I have not had a photo reach over 15 ratings in months; the two most recent have received 13 and 10 in three or four days. I'm either going to have to assume that I have not been coming up with the interesting shots, or something has changed. Anyway, I'm not concerned with that, just making a simple statement.
  12. WJT

    WJT Moderator

    Anthony, I stand corrected. I misunderstood your original statement. Regards.
  13. I agree to Alethea Hollis. Although very very new to the site, I could also not get past the 10 barrier.

    It would be good to have more people commenting and viewing my photographs. I find it a very nice way to improve (specially since I am an amature..I like being criticized for the shots/angles chosen..)


  14. If 10 or 11 is a problem, don't worry, just speak up on some crappy pictures, soon your review count will drop to 5 or less as people get mad at you...and you are demoted to the dark corner under the staircase at pdotnet.
  15. I like your idea, Walter, for "20". I, too, found it strange that after ten ratings the
    images disappear. Doug, wouldn't deleting a critique request and submitting it again
    be somewhat an abuse of the system? Now you have me curious on what would
    happen with an image if I did that.

  16. fya


    Something's up. All my requests for critique stick at 10 ratings. Obviously it is no coincidence the site only displays pictures with over ten ratings. Occasionally some poor schmuck falls over one of my photos and sticks a rating in boosting the thing up out of the nether world.

    Further to this whenever I request a critique a notice is sent to the same hapless crew of "no uploaded images" that fall all over themselves for smiling baby, contorted cat images. What gives?

    Of course I haven't sent my 25 bucks in either...

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