Photo's that you knew you'd get in trouble with BIG BROTHER for taking...but you did it anyway!

Discussion in 'No Words' started by anthonyd, Feb 18, 2007.

  1. "Hey! Get away from there!" Man, was that ranger pissed! Could be because I ignored him 3 times.
  2. At the airport waiting for my flight. "You're not meant to take photos here. It's a security matter." Huh? I guess a camera is a terrorism tool.<br>
    <img src="" width="510">
  3. This is the No Words forum, but perhaps it might be worth discussing
    the first photo in a forum meant for discussion. Often, there are
    very good reasons that the rules are the way they are, and
    disregarding them can have consequences for the animals and for future
    photographers who would like to get pictures but face even more
    restrictive rules.
  4. It was a shot of a nuclear sub at Grotten, CT in 1967. I shouldn't
    have taken the shot and I'm not ready to post it.
  5. this one tops them. i think he wanted to take my film

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