Photos of my native city taken with various classic cameras

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  1. Bellow are photos of Kazan, which is my native city. Photos are taken with different classic cameras.
    (Kazan is a capital of Tatarstan republic - constituent entity of Russian Federation. It is situated 800km east of Moscow.)
  2. View of an old city (not so long ago Kazan celebrated its millenium).
  3. View of an old city (not so long ago Kazan celebrated its millenium).
  4. View of an old city (not so long ago Kazan celebrated its millenium).
  5. Kazan State University
  6. Kremlin walls
  7. Old church
  8. Inside of the Kremlin
  9. Old monastery
  10. Art Museum
  11. Gates of the Kremlin
  12. Early morning on Volga river
  13. Second attempt :(
  14. Great pictures, George. My grandfather was graduated from the Kazan Civil Engeneering institute in 1938. Early morning on Volga is a masterpeace indeed. When did they build a mosque in the Kremlin, that is so funny. Did they reconstruct one Ivan the Terrible destroyed in 1556?
  15. Wow, a millenium.
    It's hard to find anything around here even 100 years old.
    thanks for sharing your pictures of your ancient city.
    The last one of the Volga is my favorite.
  16. WOW! WOW!! WOW!!! George ... Thanks for sharing those absolutely gorgeous photos ... you're obviously very proud of your city and it shows!
  17. Wonderful. Thanks for transporting us there.
  18. I'm inspired George. Thanks.
  19. Thank you for sharing! I've always wanted to visit Tatarstan. These pics just make it easier.
  20. What a great series! I really enjoyed looking at these and seeing the beautiful, enduring architecture that has stood for ages. "Old Church" is my favorite of this wonderful series...great job, George. Thanks so much for sharing these, and I look forward to seeing much more.
  21. Great shots, Great travelogue and Great job. Thanks for sharing these.
  22. It's always good to see beautiful things in places you've never imagined being or going to. Maybe one day if I hit the millions, I'll try and see some of it. Beautiful series. Thank you for posting. I hear my Zenit calling me for a workout.
  23. Beautiful Pictures George,
    Your color images of the architecture remind me a lot of the work of Prokudin-Gorskii from around the 1900s.
    Thank you very much for sharing,
  24. Thank you, guys!
    To Kozma: The mosque was built in the very beginning of XXI century. Nothing really common with those destroyed by Ivan IV (well, some people want to belive it is reconstruction). It is built from reinforced concrete by Turkishs workers. Yeah, it's funny to see a huge mosque inside of traditional Russian Kremlin (built by Pskov masters) nearby with Orthodox cathedral :)
  25. Wow. Nice Series. Some really nice shots here. I like the University. I like the history lesseon too.
    Good mix of classic cameras and dramatic architecture.
  26. Lovely series. We don't often get to see photos from your part of the world.
  27. Yeh, George
    That modern concreate mosque looks funny at the best inside the 17th century Kremlin that has nothing with mouslim heritage of the Tartars (. Well unfortunately we have the long history of the mutilations of architectural ensambles. Your photograph managed to capture the unnatural character of it, especially with that bright illumination and the foregrownd buildings
  28. Nice to see pics from Tatarstan. I've worked a couple of times with (the technicians of) the Tatarstan State Opera. They tour the Netherlands every year (sometimes several productions at once). I always like working with them, and always try to pick up a couple of Russian words (we usually use German and English to communicate). I think I should try to visit them...
    beautiful photo's.
  29. Excellent pics, George. Thanks for sharing.
  30. Very beautiful images. This is a place I would like to visit.
  31. Wow, beautiful place, a photographers paradise to be sure.....and all with a great range of classic cameras.
    Always good to see pictures of these far away places (to me), now I can cancel my subscription to National Geographic.
  32. Tony, you are too enthusiastic :) but thanks!

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