Photos lost in fire

Discussion in 'News' started by lee_shively, Dec 8, 2004.

  1. A number of photographs by some well-known names may have been lost
    in high-rise fire.


    I don't know how to make the link.
  2. So just take the backup DVDs and print out new copies? Shouldn't take too long.

    ... oh wait.
  3. ah right, the fireproof dvd's.
  4. Ah, but you can have multiple copies of DVDs--multiple originals to reprint from. Unlike,
    say, Jaques Lowe's 40,000 behind-the-scenes Kennedy negatives lost in the 9/11 attack.
  5. And those reprints would be worth exactly what?
  6. Dan's brain(bubba) seems not to recognize that DVDs can be copied easily, copies
    placed elsewhere ... and that that's precisely what pros do with their digital data.
  7. And those copies would be worth exactly what?
  8. For some: priceless.
  9. And for the collector (i.e., the bank): zero.
  10. For someone more interested in money than anything else, I'm sure they have alternate

    So do film snobs, Lee.
  11. Even scans of the negatives on DVD would be worth more than a bunch of burned-up prints and negatives, wouldn't they?

    And at the very least prints could still be made, which is better than having the photographs lost forever. Isn't it, Lee?
  12. Some of us still have respect for and value original works of artists. Some of us apparently don't.

    There's never been an exact duplicate of a photograph printed by hand. Each is original. Too bad the point was missed.

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