Photos from Borrowed SMC Pentax 1.8/55mm lens.

Discussion in 'Pentax' started by roseberry guitars, Apr 18, 2008.

  1. I've been drafted into the photo pool for my nephews wedding tomorrow. They are keeping it a low budget affair so any kin with reasonable cameras are...well, drafted. As the church does not allow flash and I haven't gotten around to picking up a 43mm or any other fast lens I did what all children do and hit up the ol' man. He has a hugh collection of film cameras, of all makes, so quickly produced this SMC Pentax 1:1.8/55mm. It took me a few moments to figure out how to use it (and a search of this forum...thanks gang) on my K10D and K100D Super but I think I have it all sorted out. I think it's going to be perfect for those wedding portraits and such. Here's a few shots taken today as I figured it out. Sorry 'bout the flower pics but it's my Moms garden so...enough said.
  2. A second from the same garden.
  3. The Ol' loan shark Pop.
  4. SSSOOOOOooooo - - once this wedding is over, that lens will be hardly missed from such a
    collection, right? right? I promise, it will find a good, loving home, that will give it regular
    exercise and TLC right here in the heart of the country....

    :-D (that's a huge big hopefull grin)
  5. Great stuff scott, great stuff...I lobe that portrait of your Pop...
  6. That is just a super picture of your Dad. Very well done. That seems like a terrifice lens. Maria, get out of the way......:)
  7. for the record I like all 3 pictures (not that I'm buttering you up or anything...)

    And we live in a warmer climate than Michael. The lens will be happier. Promise.
  8. I'd forgotten this lens existed :)

    Personally, I love the 1st pic most. Great colours and composition. I think you've figured this lens out, Scott.

    Sigh, I wish my dad had a camera/lens collection I could "borrow" from.

    Good luck at the wedding, Scott! Don't forget to post some pics for us, yeah?
  9. Scot, really nice shots. I love that lens, and have been looking for it in K mount. AFAIK, it's the same as my 55/1.8 Super Tak, which is my favourite in my collection. Without SMC, flare can be an issue unless I work with it. Best of luck at the wedding!
  10. The f/1.8 55mm lens is a perfect match for my Pentax KX. I do believe they were made for each other. Now that you've gotten over the hurdle of using much older manual lenses with state-of-the-art Pentax DSLRs, you got some great shooting ahead of you.

    Wait until you put an Pentax-M SMC f/3.5 135mm on that K10D.
  11. trw


    Hey Scott, how'd that weather work out for ya? Here's a shot I took in my back yard this morning, just south of Nanaimo....

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