photos come out with a white stripe on them

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  1. Hello,
    Just receintly bought a SX-70 camera and made a few test pictures using ArTistic paper. All of them has a white strip and something like "drop-like light leaks".
    You can see the examples here:
    Can somebody help me with explaining what is wrong and if this can be repaired?
    Thank you.
  2. Well, at least it is consistent. Since it is in the same spot, I'd suspect dirty rollers. Take a look and clean with some houshold cleaner or alcohol.
  3. Thanks Daniel, I'll try when I finish the first pack.
  4. Isn't the line shown going perpendicular to the feed direction out the of the rollers? If it were dirty rollers, the stripe would be parallel to the feed direction of the print popping out of the camera.
    Am I off base here?
  5. So I cleaned the rollers and "drop-like light leaks" disappeared. In fact some white material had formed on one of the rollers which were clearly visible and after cleaning which there are no 'leaks'.
    However the line still is present.
    Jim, the line is parallel to the feed direction as you can see in the attached photo.
    However this is n't caused by dirty rollers - I cleaned them well and they look clean. As I am totally new to using this camera (and to polaroids in general:), I would be very grateful if somebody could suggest how to try to get rid of that photo crossing line.
  6. I am still confused. Look at the attached example below.
    Does the arrow not show the direction that the photo is ejected by the camera?
    If that is the case, my 'white lines' are going to be in that same direction ... if the cause is related to the rollers making stripes. It should not go across the photo from left to right. Am I correct in assuming how the photo is kicked out by the camera?
  7. Yes, the arrow shows the ejection direction... now I understand, my saying that 'the line is parallel to the feed direction' was incorrect as the line really is perpendicular. Sorry for confussion :) Well, in this case I guess the line isn't caused by the rollers.
  8. Jim,
    I see what you are saying. I guess it still could be perpendicular to film path if the roller had some sort of buildup along the length of the roller. I suspect if that were the case, you would get multiple lines on the image.
    Well, I guess we are back to a light leak of somekind?
    Mindaugas, Did you try a different pack of film? Maybe it is a flaw in the film pack?
  9. Yes Daniel, I changed the film pack to the same sort of ArTistic paper. Soon 600 film pack should arrive and I'll see if there will be any difference.
    The rollers seems to be clean now, otherwise they would create multiple lines, as you say.
  10. The line could be the result of faulty handling, possibly even during manufacturing, especially if it shows up in one film pack and not another. Polaroid film is pressure sensitive, so always be careful handling the packs and never put pressure directly on the film itself.
  11. Two things are weird here:
    A) the line is in the exact same spot in each photo
    B) the line has different color properties depending on the background color in the photo. In light areas it is white/light and in dark areas it is green.
    To me, this suggests a problem in production of the actual film or film cartridge. The rollers would not be this consistent and would repeat the problem on a single frame.
    If the problem is occuring in the camera, the mirror might be the culprit. A light leak would not be this consistent.
    Last an final analysis... maybe this was x-rayed during shipment.
    To check WHEN this happened, lightly peel back a border edge by the line, if you see the line under the frame, then the problem occured before you placed the film in the camera. If not it is something native to that camera.
  12. Thank you Patrick and Todd for your input. I was very worried that the camera was faulty, however today I received the 600 film and the photos have no line and otherwise are good, as you can see in the attached picture.
    So in fact this means something wrong is with the Artistic paper I ordered from Probably I will to contact them with my issue, because I ordered more of this paper.
    By the way, the line on the Artistic paper occurrs exactly at the place on a photograph which is aligned with the slot in camera from which the photo gets out of it. I am not sure what this indicates, just weird regularity.
  13. Oh, yes... x-rayed during shipment - I will check this as you suggested.
  14. I peeled off a border edge by the line of one photo and the line is present there too. So all this investigation means everything is OK with the camera, but... I ordered more paper, they might x-ray the package again, and I will end up havin faulty paper... hm... I hope they at customs x-ray packages on random basis, not each and every, otherwise...

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