Photopolis keeps you on and off the streets

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  1. Photopolis is a new way to experience your photo collection. Photopolis extracts the date you took your
    photo. Then it assembles the photos that were taken in a week as a "house". Out of 4 houses a months
    is created and so on. The result is a checker-board arrengement of houses in a city. The straight streets
    represent years, the cross streets months. Because of this arrangement you can for example view your
    Christmas photos of all the years by walking along the "December" street. Screenshot
    A cross-hair is displayed on the screen. It allows you to "enter" a house. A slideshow with the photos of
    the selected week is started. Photopolis comes with 2 navigation modes. A run mode and a jetpack

    For Windows and Macs:

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