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  1. I want to purchase HDR software, and I was wondering what the general opinion
    was on Photomatix. Is this software the gold standard or is there something
    better. Thanks for any feedback.
  2. My experience with Photomatix is extremely positive. The output is clearly outstanding when compared with PS cs3 (using HDR tool). I am not aware of other HDR softwares.
  3. I think it is excellent, particularly for blending exposures (not HDR- rather expanding dynamic range). You can get a discount if you go to Outback Photo first and click on a link through there. That site also has good articles on using Photomatix.
  4. I use it all the time and think it is excellent. Lots of control if you have the patience to try it
    out. And there is a free version available at the site, it just puts a logo across your image but
    is fully functional.
  5. Thanks for the responses. Roger, I appreciate the link for the discount.
  6. I'd say it's a wonderful piece of software. I haven't actually tried any others, but each version of this gets better and part of it's strength is it's simplicity. You can really get to develop your own style and preferences, with enough potential to make it worth the effort.
  7. This program works very well. I use it for merging multiple exposures of the shots I shoot to be stitched into panoramics later on, so the batch processing feature works really well. I can have it process an entire folder, 2 images at a time.
  8. There's also a huge academic discount for people with qualifying .edu addresses.
  9. I used to be die-hard Photomatix fan. Last month a friend recommended Essential HDR. I never looked back since.

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