Photojournalism Schools in CA?

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  1. What are some good photojournalism schools in California that aren't too expensive?
  2. Brooks institute of photography has had a great reputation for years.
  3. I've looked at their reviews and it didn't look so good, plus it's extremely expensive.
  4. She asked for schools that aren't too expensive. Brooks is pretty damned expensive.
    Your best bet is to look into the Cal State system. I think Fresno, Fullerton, and a couple of others offer photojournalism degrees.
  5. I'm so glad I didn't go to a PJ program for college...If I did, I would probably hate photography. Spend your money traveling. You can learn much more from actual shooting stories/people than sitting in a classroom. Photojournalism is not brain surgery or rocket science...Just find your passion(s) and start shooting. You'll find your way;)
  6. I must agree 101% with Leslie. I'll put it another way: many of the best photographers just picked up their cameras and went out and took great photos. They figured it out. They never did something as boring as get a PJ degree. And yet people go to school to be just like Eugene Smith! The schools exist only because people are willing to pay for them, not because they're actually necessary.
    Photojournalism is like advertising (in a way): it's a vanity subject, but it's an important profession. Would I go to a fiction writing school to write novels? I wouldn't. I might study English or literature or a second language, though. Or not.
    I hope that what I and Leslie have said will free you and make you more inspired. BE FREE!
  7. Agreeing here, too.
    The schools were important for traditional PJ jobs in big, old media outlets. Those jobs are gone.
  8. San Francisco State and San Jose State. You'll never regret a college education; for a variety of

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