Photojournalism - a road trip from Las Vegas to Los Angeles

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  1. "Freelance photojournalist Théo Giacometti spent two weeks travelling from Las Vegas to Los Angeles. A Leica M 240 accompanied him the whole way on this photographic road trip."

    If you like neon lights and mid century America, you might like this:

    I'm Not From Here - The Leica camera Blog

    Not all photojournalism needs to be on Tri-X. ;-)

    One of my goals is to do a big photographic road trip across America. I'm not sure exactly where, but I am thinking maybe the Pacific NW, and maybe down the West Coast. Then again I do want to see NJ in the late summer.

    What about you?
  2. Then why do the images look like they were taken with a cheap Point-and-Shoot?

    He certainly didn't take the most direct route.

    I don't think Photojournalism is the genre I'd like to dabble in.
  3. Gotta say I don't really see "photojournalism" here, more like a 4-hour drive turned into a 10-day trip with vacation photos taken along the way. Now, for a camera or vacation blog, it's fine. Fwiw I also looked at his website where he has a bit more writing. It sounds to me like he followed some tourist tracks and maybe sees that as a substitute for "regular life." And is, perhaps, trying to make it fit into a preconceived narrative. Some pretty photos, though.

    Here's a brief clip from his bio, just so people can get an idea of who he is:
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  4. I'm an amateur photographer--photograph for the love of doing it-- but have sometimes filled in for photojournalists when they asked me or when none were available. I even had a press pass for a time, issued by our small city, and a commitment from the editor to help with access if necessary. I have huge respect for those who do it professionally.

    Like Bill, I don't see photojournalism in Giacometti's photographs in the link. Even a pro can take vacation pictures.
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  5. True, not photojournalism, but rather good pictures anyway. Do you need to spend $12,000 on Leica gear to make them? No. But if you've got it, why not?
  6. Tooooo Heavvvy!
  7. Maybe not "photojournalism" per se, but hey, at least he got out on an adventure and made some photographs. Alas, he has me beat in that regard.
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  8. You have a point: A Holga would be lighter.
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