Photogrpahy restrictions in Capitals hockey game

Discussion in 'Sports' started by himanshu, Jan 19, 2007.

  1. Hi,

    So, I have ever been to a hockey game before and I have got tickets for
    tomorrow's game for Washington Capitals. I wanted to take my Canon 20D and
    70-200 f/4L to take pictures so I thought I will check with the security if
    there are any restrictions. I was expecting a response on the lines of lenses
    more than 300mm or a camera bigger than this size is not allowed etc. What they
    tell me is that any camera other than a disposable camera is NOT allowed! This
    is too hard to believe for a sports event... I am wondering if i just happen to
    talk to someone who didn't know the rules and didn't care to check...

    Their website has got NO information about the restrictions on photography...

    Has anyone here been to a Caps game who can speak from personal experience who
    can tell me if it's true or not? I have got great seats so was very excited
    about this chance to take pictures...

  2. Even if you get you kit in, you might be disappointed with shots at f/4 - you will be struggling to get your shutter speed high enough to freeze the action.
  3. In that case, I have a Tamron 28-75 f/2.8 or 50/1.8 I can take. Of course the reach is less but I should be able to use higher speeds.
  4. Sneaking a camera into an event is sort of like driving over the speed limit. If you get caught want happens? Drive 200Mph on an interstate might get one in jail, shooting brazenly after being told not to might get ones film taken and cameras. If you know somebody or are a regular the rules can be greyish and weird too. After 9/11 some rinks I visted had bans on cameras the goofs viewed as "pro", ie an slr. Thus one could take in a Leica M3 with 135mm lens since its just an old camera, and a rebel with kit zoom was banned. Sports has restrictions of their image, if you catch some great shots illegally don't assume you can start selling giant posters of their players without a stink or shutdown. <BR><BR>From a practical point you are on their turf. The teams image is a product they want to controll and market. Sanctioned photographers want a monopoly. The "security guards" often dont know a rebel from a zorki and ban both. Or a dumb P&S pocketable 6megapixel is allowed. The players kids might have giant lenses and a drebel and be "ok" since they are in the hockey family.
  5. I guess you are right Kelly... I didn't end up taking any camera to the game... and I saw a person having the same type of seat as me with a DSLR and a huge lens. I feel like I misses a great chance to take some good pictures as I had very good seats. We were in a corporate suite, so no shooting through the glass! Anyways, for me it was no shooting at all :-(

    The game turned out to be pretty lame and we left at half time!
  6. Many folks like me "Shoot thru the glass". Its not perfect but often works. The glass is many times plastic, scratched and one can find a "better spot" with less defects. Also sometimes a "glass" can be installed abit wrong, ie swapped with another panel and too tight and thus warped abit too.
  7. While the Caps do not have anything on their website, the Verizon Center does.

    Are cameras allowed into the building?
    Video cameras and recorders are not allowed into the building for any event. Still cameras, without detachable lenses, are allowed for all basketball and hockey games. For concerts, the camera policy varies from show to show.
  8. Hockey games don't have half time...there are 3 periods.

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