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Discussion in 'Nature' started by scott_hotaling, Jun 3, 2007.

  1. Hello all, I just got to Portland yesterday (well, technically Vancouver, WA)
    and I have 9 weeks here while interning with a firm in the area.

    Anyways, I'm looking for any and all nature/landscape type photo locations
    within a couple hours of drive of the area. I'm looking for places to go on my 8
    weekends here to take trips, Rainier NP is definitely on the list) but also
    places to go down for a saturday morning, or evening after work, or
    sunrise/sunset locations...

    So, lets hear it, where are the good places to shoot around here? Sunset,
    sunrise, reflections of the beautiful peaks out here, waterfalls, beaches, etc.

    I'm from the east coast so I'd like to use my time as wisely as possible.


    - Scott
  2. ShunCheung

    ShunCheung Moderator

    I would imagine that Cannon Beach is pretty much a must visit. The main concern is probably the fog.
  3. Yeah, I spent two nights in Ecola/Cannon beach on the way out... the trip was a serious 22-day, cross country adventure... but I stayed out of the way of things actually around Portland since I knew I'd be here for 9 weeks.

    Anybody have a good sunset location I could possibly hit tonight? Shot for 22-days straight and have only processed one of them, all I want to do is shoot more... haha.

    - Scott
  4. Go east along I-84 and the Columbia River Valley. There is a section of the drive that will take you off the highway and along the state parks and throught the waterfall areas. Don't miss it.
  5. awahlster

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    Silverfalls State Park in Silverton 45 miles south of Portland

    You can stop by the ponds in front of the Oregon Gardens while in Silverton and shoot all kinds of birds Bring a long lens they will see you coming

    Sauvie Island is a great place for Birds (and nudes LOL) Just west of Portland.

    Do a google search for bird watching Portland the Audubon site will have MANY suggestions.
  6. Waterfalls along the Oregon side of the Columbia River - it's all close to Portland, so see them all. Farther east is Mt Hood - more picturesque when it has snow on it. It's a gigantic cinder cone and when the snow is gone in high summer, it looks like - well, a giant cinder cone. Ranier is better (no offense to Oregonians).

    Silver Falls just SE of Portland - another must see.

    Others can advise better than I on coastal locations, but don't miss it - the Oregon coast is incredible.

    Get into the mountains - look for ospreys at the lakes (I like the East Lake area near Bend - great waterfall/river environment).

    Crater Lake is a bit of a drive, almost to California, but worth it. Check out the local 2-lane blacktops in that area - small waterfalls are easy to find.

    I'll be up there in early July - really looking forward to it.
  7. Nine Weeks puts you to the peak time for the timberline trail on mount hood. Drive up the gorge to look for sunsets over the Columbia River-Crown Point or Rooster Rock area maybe. I have seen interesting sunsets from the top of Larch Mountain, but don't remember what time of year. Sauvie Island has nice plants and wildlife. Ridgefield national wildlife Refuge. Don't miss the Eagle Creek trail in the Gorge. Cape Disappointment has more variety to offer than any place I know. Astoria and Ilwaco are both photogenic. I prefer Ecola to Cannon Beach. Jewell Meadows Wildlife Mnagement Area is good, especially for Elk. I'm just nuts about Saddle Mountain and the flowers are excellent right now. I have hardly scratched the surface.
  8. Well I live in Beaverton and round here theres not much...I have no clue why you chose Oregon its like middle-of-nowhere rainville...But thats your own issues to work out....

    All I can think of is probably Cannon Beach and maybe Multnulma Falls. Cannon Beach is a good beach i guess if you like the might be able to get some good sunsets/rises there.....Also, we have a lot of trees and forests, so maybe look into a forest you could photograph for a day or something. It's been hot here lately (as well as everywhere else) and sunny so wait till 5 or 6 thats the best lighting time and thats when i go out to take pictures. Also we have some cool birds and stuff and maybe parks but not much...try Cali or Washington next time cuz we're nowhere down here.

    Hope it helped, doubt it did

  9. oh yeah downtown Beaverton is worth a visit too. Lots of homeless people for great b/w pics. and Three Sisters in Bend is a bit far from Portland (3-4 hours) but probably worth it if you can squeeze it in.

    * I just read the person above my post's post, and I have no idea how they see Oregon as such an amazing place....I guess people get used to it when theyve lived there forever.... *

  10. Evan, you sound depressed. I have been all over WA and CA and the main difference is that Oregon is less crowded, more user friendly , and has better access.
  11. "Well I live in Beaverton and round here theres not much...I have no clue why you chose Oregon its like middle-of-nowhere rainville...But thats your own issues to work out...."

    You have got to be kidding. Talk about issues to work out. Good luck with that.

    "Hope it helped, doubt it did"

    Well, you're more on track there. :)
  12. Evan, please refrain from coming into my threads from this point forward... its fairly obvious you have no idea what you're talking about.

    Thanks for all the suggestions everyone, I think I might head up the columbia river gorge this evening and see what I can find.

    - Scott

    PS- Keep 'em coming! Especially, any good lakes to mirror the big mountains in early in the morning?
  13. Evan's response was clearly tongue in cheek. Can't you tell humor when you see it? Had you had the energy simply to do a search, you'd doubtless have found "billions" of threads discussing photo locations in and around the Portland area, Northwest Oregon and Southwest Washington.

    This area is one of the most photographically rich areas in the US.

  14. Might try Mirror Lake, a short hike off hwy 26. Trillium Lake has an excellent reflection at times. Ray Atkeson made some excellent images at Lost lake. Often overlooked for Hood reflections is Multopor Lake at Government Camp.
  15. Hi,
    I'm new to this forum. I am a photographer/ Videographer out of Vancouver, Wa. (just the other side of the river). Can anyone recommend a prime spot to view, and photograph, the Portland Skyline at night. I tried up in the hills near OSHU and there were just not any real nice, clear spots. Thanks in advance.

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