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  1. Hi,
    <br>Anyone know of some good sites to photograph - in Oregon?
    <br>I have around 3 days in OR the end of this month and am looking
    for taking landscape pictures - I'll be staying quite close to the
    WA / OR border....
    <br>Any help is greatly appreciated....
  2. The Old Columbia Highway is an excellent location. With many beautiful waterfalls (including the famous Multnomah falls and some lesser known ones) and a magnificent view of the Columbia River. The International Rose Test garden has a beautiful view of the city and Mt. Hood (plus 8000+ beautiful rose bushes in full bloom). Mt Hood is another excellent location as well as the beach (80 miles west of Portland). Have fun
  3. Go to to find details - May is the best season to shot wild flowers in Oregon.
    Actually it is not too far from St. Helen, you may spend sometime there - try North. Enjoy! Patrick
  4. Great advice so far. I think all the shots in my folder are from Oregon (I know I haven't left in over a year) so if anything interests you, let me know via email, and I'll tell you where it is.

    The coast is a must in my opinion. As is the Columbia river gorge. I would also suggest a trip to Central Oregon if you don't mind a few hours in the car (beautiful all the way). If you like waterfalls, perhaps a trip to Silver Falls State Park near Salem. Wine country just south of Portland has some nice opportunities for shooting.

    As I said before, feel free to email me and I'll see if I can help. Enjoy!

    By the way, you'll decide to move here almost certainly :)

  5. Well there the Columbia River Gorge, and Ecola State Park/ Cannon Beach, thats a great one.
  6. Lots of wonderful scenery in Oregon, its a very diverse place. From your post I'm guessing you'll be in the Portland area so some places that are close by would be Seaside and Astoria if you wanted to get to the coast (about 2 hours to Seaside I think). You could go eastward and explore the Columbia River National Recreation Area which includes Crown Point Observatory and numerous short hikes to waterfalls off of the old gorge highway (about an hour down I-84). You could travel more into the Mount Hood National Forest and make your way to Timberline Lodge (an historic Civilian Conservation Corps facility that is beautiful). If you travel south you can stay within the Willamette Valley with its lush green pasture and agricultural landscapes. You pick - you can just about visit any environmental setting with just a few hours drive from Portland. Good luck!
  7. Everything is about 2-3 weeks early this year. I just came back
    from the tom mccall preserve and the balsamroot had just
    peaked and was starting to cook off. The Lupin where still good,
    but I'd say by now they are toast. Charley Blakeslee showed me
    a secret stash protected from the famous gorge winds. But
    watch out for the ticks :)

    I'd check out trillium lake - it's a postcard shot of mt. hood. A
    must have. It's an hour drive from portland to government
    camp/hood. Go east on 84, turn right after the wood village exit,
    go fro about 10-15 miles, hang a left on burnside, It should have
    a big U-HAUL store on the left side corner. Then hammer down
    for a good 45 minutes through sandy and the other small towns.
    pass Gov. Camp and then look for trillium lake on your right. If
    you hit HWY 35(?), you've gone to far. HWY 35(?) will take you to
    hood river. Another must see.

    Do the loop - portland > Mt. hood > trillium lake > hood river >
    mosure (tom Mccall preserve) head back to portland (84) >
    columbia gorge falls (about 5 good ones) > portland.

    I don't recommend Punch bowl falls. It's a hella hike in and there
    is an ugly log sticking out of it. Not very pretty, not worth the hike.

    If you get to Central oregon stop by my fine art photo gallery, I'm
    in downtown bend on Minnesota. If you have about 5 years to kill
    then central oregon is the place to shoot.

  8. Some great answers. You can also go to my web site and check under "photo opps". There are many suggestions as well as for Washington.
    Have fun!
  9. Great responses!!!
    <br>Thanks a ton for all the great responses. I'll try to fill in as many places as I can in the time that I have...
    <br>Thanks once again...
  10. If you have time for a 1 mile hike in, checkout Wahclella Falls in the Columbia Gorge. Of all the falls that require some walking, this is the one to see. The trail is mainly level (slight slope) and enters a beautiful, green slot canyon. The falls is at the end and is very photogenic from a variety of angles and distances. -- Greg -- (Portland, Oregon)

    Here's some basic directions:

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