Photography-related New Year's Resolutions?

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  1. Now that we're a few weeks into 2011, would love to know what your New Year's Resolutions (photography-related)
    are, and if you've been able to stick to them so far.
  2. I recently created a home studio for indoor photography. My one New Year's Resolution this year was to set this room up, and to really focus my photography energy on people photography, especially portraits. I have been diligently at it for a few weeks now...and I feel I am coming along quite nicely. I have a large room set up with quality equipment, and I am learning about lighting people properly. Slowly but surely, and self-taught, like everything about the art for me, I will get this aspect of photography down. My kids hope it's sooner than later, because they are getting a little bored with me photographing them all the time ;)
  3. My resolution is to get out and shoot more and to get off the "equipment geek" bandwagon.
    I plan to go on shoots at least once a week whether rain, sleek, hail or snow !
  4. New Year's Resolution are...
    • I will learn how to use a new feature on my camera
    • I will not use "auto" setting on camera
    • I will turn off camera before changing lenses
    • I will shoot in RAW and learn how to process shots
    • I will organize and back-up my photos
    • I will make a coffee table book of my photos
    • I will give my sensor a good cleaning
  5. For the second straight year I resolved to shoot no film. I fell off that wagon last year when I bought an old film camera for nostalgic reasons, and shot one roll. Then I bought another and shot one roll. Then I sold them both. No film this year.
  6. I have resolved to print more. The problem I'm having right now is that I've done so little photography since New Years Eve that I don't have anything to print.
  7. I print a lot already -- Resolve to frame more of them and HANG THEM on so many of my bare walls in the house. (I've already learned the lesson of how expen$ive it is to ship framed photos cross country... whew!)
    Also Resolved to shoot at least 4 rolls of 36-exp. film (just 35mm) this year and see what continues to happen (unveil) with the ultra-wide (16mm) that way.
  8. Shoot film.
    Go Medium Format.
  9. God I hate planning things.
    It just makes everything seem so predictable.
  10. I decided to enter the world of e-commerce. I set up a small studio in my dining room and created a series of photographs of sea shells. I created a Calendar at a website called
    Here is a link:
    If you like what you see, please purchase! The price is a little high, but when I received my proofs I was sure it's worth it. The calendar is made on thick, glossy stock and comes with a metal spiral binding which is completely recyclable. The production cost accounts for 87% of the cost; Lulu takes $0.50 of each purchase for themselves and I get $2.
    Even if you don't purchase, I'd like feedback (hopefully constructive). The way to better photography is the sharing of ideas and feedback.
    Incidentally, all but two of the images were made with a Canon Powershot G10 in manual mode, with Norman P2000 strobe set at 400watt-sec and fired through a 24" square softbox. The other two images were taken with a Nikon 8008s with Tmax 100 B&W film, processed and printed by me (when I had a darkroom!) then scanned on my hp all-in-one officejet printer.
    On a separate note - has anyone setup a darkroom in a house with a septic system? I want to get back to printing, but I can't figure out how to do this and not jeapordize the septic system. I always recycle fix - by taking it to a lab - so that doesn't go down the drain; but I'm unsure of developer etc. Any input would be appreciated.
    Rich Schwartz
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  12. sorry again for the multiple posts.
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  14. I made a photo blog and decided to post at least one photo a day for (almost) 365 days since I didn't think of it until the 3rd. I wanted to share things that I like with my friends and talk a bit about why I like a particular photograph and sometimes, how I processed it.
  15. -Get a good photo of all 7 species of woodpecker in Indiana.
    -Unload my cards before they are full. That's part of my "stop procrastinating" resolution that encompasses my whole life.
  16. I started teaching 10 kids the basics of photography at my daughters school. They are loving it! Parents have already asked me to give them training on their dslr's so I'll be teaching some adults soon to. Some of my photo's are in competitions and are doing good out there and I gave up on printing a photo book with my best photo's as one already came out recently and is not selling to well I heard. I also learned the HD video features already on my new Eos 7d! An Owl video can be seen at
  17. Last week I launched my photography website, and want to add other recent and upcoming projects. This year I aim also to refine my post-processing (especially in B&W), take more time to shoot, and engage in printing, which I have not done so far.
  18. I will submit fotos for critique and try to become a better photographer
  19. Well, I didn't make any New Year's resolutions at the turn of the year, but I made one yesterday:)
    I am planning to go out every Saturday and photograph something amazing. Just because I am working full time and don't have any special trips planned, doesn't mean I can't find the beautiful, unique and glorious around me every day!
    Wishing you all well with your own resolutions....
  20. Because sometimes I used to neglect carrying my little camera, I resolved that this year I will shoot at least a picture a day, and after a week, I put seven pictures in my blog
    The main theme of my pics are the city where I live, La Paz, Bolivia, but sometimes I will try to post other kind of pictures. The first days were the roughest ones but right now I'm catching the habit of thinking with anticipation about the shot I would like to do in the next day(s)...
    If you visit my blog I would love to hear comments about my pics.
    So far, so good!

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