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  1. Ahhh, well I'm day number #2 here and I'm enjoying my look around. Might as well fire up one of those threads that pull people in. So jump in and friend me here.

    I don't know about you all, however a good quote always motivates me and when I'm behind my camera it inspires me. Actually that goes both ways. Well you get the point. Who doesn't like a good boot in the tail end to wake up your creative juices?!

    “Photography is an itch that won’t go away. No matter how much you scratch it.” — Dara McGrath

    This quote speaks to me, because light fascinates me, in most cases when your own and about, you are freezing light, time and that will never happen again. I find that so intriguing.

    Now your turn, post a quote that is meaningful to you today! ***After the quote, tell why it's meaningful to you***

    Found big list of quotes pick one or find one else where and follow above directions:
  2. Well, he's no photographer, but he had some great things to say and a great way of saying them.

    Oscar Wilde

    My favorite quote of his:
    And a quote of his that relates to photography for me:
    I photograph people a lot and often like to capture personas or masks. The mystery behind a mask can reveal a lot. Photos with a bit of enigma often appeal to me.

  3. I a big fan of Sebasiao Salgado:

    "So many times I've photographed stories that show the degradation of the planet. I had one idea to go and photograph the factories that were polluting, and to see all the deposits of garbage. But, in the end, I thought the only way to give us an incentive, to bring hope, is to show the pictures of the pristine planet - to see the innocence."​

    Obviously, I'm nowhere near the same level as the master that he is, but those words speak to me...

    Volcan Poas, Costa Rica

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  4. There is one thing the photographer must contain ,the humanity of the moment.....

    Which is not obvious to the casual viewer.
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  5. paul ron

    paul ron NYC

    "expose for shadows, develop the highlights"

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  6. Vincent Peri

    Vincent Peri Metairie, LA

    Hmm... my favorite photo
    quote is, "Developer FIRST,
    you idiot! Then comes the
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  7. I have to say that I'm rather fond of some quotes of Elliot Erwitt, such as,
  8. James G. Dainis

    James G. Dainis Moderator

    "You see but you do not observe." S. Holmes to J. Watson


    I always try to look deeply into the camera image viewfinder to observe distracting elements -, telephone poles, reflections in windows, etc. and encourage others to do the same.
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  9. "Images make us think of other images. Photographs remind us of other photographs, and perhaps only the earliest photographs had a chance to evade this fate."
    - Teju Cole

  10. "If your photographs aren't good enough, you're not close enough." - Robert Cappa
  11. There was an old Hippocratic Oath of a Photographer by M.F. Agha in 1937. I probably can't reproduce it here due to copyright, but it listed all manner of things that are cliches or just plain bad taste to photograph. A search will turn it up easily. The very last line is "In fact, if I can help it, I will refrain from taking any pictures of any description, under any pretext whatsoever." Sometimes that's the best policy.
  12. I agree. I think we overdocument out lives these days. I suppose you could argue that it's better that photography costs almost nothing, but then again, maybe not. I believe in being prolific when it matters, though.

    My choice:

    "CinemaScope is Hollywood." Linus Sandgren FSF

    There is much I can say about how cinematography has taught me how to be a better photographer. But that is for another time. I love this quote because, in general, it reminds us that aspect ratio is in fact a part of the composition, and it communicates to the viewer just as much as composition, tonality or colour.

    FYI: Sandgren shot La La Land.
  13. I may not be exact and I think it was from Winogrand: "I photograph to see what things look like as a photograph."
  14. Sandy Vongries

    Sandy Vongries Moderator Staff Member

    "Fortunately, taking a picture leaves no mark." Edward S. Curtis
  15. If you carry a gun and a camera, try to remember which is which." Me.
  16. "Fortunately, taking a picture leaves no mark." Edward S. Curtis

    A photograph leaves a mark for posterity for those who follow us.

    A gun leaves a mark of destruction for posterity recording the destructive nature of humanity.
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  17. My absolutely favorite photography truth:

    "I think a photography class should be required in all educational programs because it makes you see the world rather than just look at it." - anonymous

    When I first started photography, I was amazed at how much more detail I saw in my usual environment.

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