Photography projects for a 4-day weekend?

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  1. If you had 4-day weekends, what photography projects would you pursue for your own portfolio?
  2. Sounds like full-cycle food photography, to me, in documentarian/celebration mode.

    For example: mushroom hunting. A day spent shooting the outdoor part (great opportunities for people and landscape photography as well as macro stuff), a day spent shooting preparation of the food and presentation of the meal, a day spent doing the post production work, and a day spent turning it into a finished photo essay or other bit of bloggishness, etc.

    You could do the same with dairy production -> cheese -> fondue. Moo!

    Or fly fishing -> food prep -> eggs and trout for breakfast.

    Or (in my case), bird dog training, hunting, stuffed partridge breast for the next day's meal, and pouring the right wine. Too much of the right wine, though, might slow down the post production work the next day.

    Whenever I contemplate the pure bliss that is a couple or three un-interrupted days to shoot a particular subject, I end up thinking about non-photography projects/pursuits that also take a couple or three days, and which lend themselves to interesting photographs.

    Don't like the food idea? Photograph a kid building and deploying a new bird feeder, and then photograph the squirrel ransacking the thing the next day. Perhaps work with an artist who tackles fresh-air paintings that she executes over a two-day period, and tell the story. Or one could easily spend an entire day watching the light fall on a given piece of architecture, the better to actually plan to photograph it the following day, and then work up the results.

    I think that too many of us don't make for ourselves the luxury of setting aside two hours - let alone two or three days - for much of any projects that aren't part of our daily income-generating grind. Life is busy and distracting. You're provocative as always, Hannah. Nice to think about such things, the better to perhaps make them happen. The carpet steam-cleaning can just wait another week.
  3. I guess if I *only* had 4 day weekends then I would focus my energy on singular topics and try not to spread out too much. Those would be either people stories, environmental issues such as local watersheds in different towns or off the grid landscape essays.
    4 days is not really much time unless you are already well versed with the subject or it is an intensely visual theme like Mardi Gras.
  4. I'm hoping to take my mom out to the Black Hills for a weekend soon. I want to do some night photography in the Badlands one night, hopefully see some Big Horn lambs in the morning... And do a brief tour of the Black Hills. I'm aiming for Custer so that we can drive the wildlife loop. I hope to see some bison and their calves.
    Too many things that I would like to do, too little time. I should spend the whole weekend in the Badlands area and focus. I'm not sure that mom would be as amused keeping me company for that amount of time, waiting to close the shutter.
  5. Actually, because I work a compressed work week I get 4 days off every other week. Even better, I'm 90 days away from retirement after which all days should be free. I do, however, live in the Pacific Northwest where it rains 8 months out of every year. I look forward to making the most out of a virtual photographer's paradise beginning in July.
  6. This is what I have been thinking about in the last 2 weeks. Work keeps piling up and I am taking a course too so I have been so busy! I have been thinking of more projects in photography but just cannot seem to find the time to do them. This is a luxury to me at this time I chose not to do this as a full time career so yes this is the price I pay. I only wanted to photograph what I chose but now can't seem to find the time...
  7. I've actually started one, I'm photographing reflections. wheather it's on water, glass, or polished metal. Anything that reflects
  8. I've had an on again off again idea to photograph all 39 cities and towns here in RI. If I had a 4 day weekend on a regular basis I would probably work on that and spend more time seeking out the out-of-the-way places here in the biggest little.
  9. Lug my gear to some these remote places in the interior to start making pictures of exotic endemic bird species in the wild ... with 4 days to spend, you'll spend 1 day to fly in and out, another day to get to the site and 2 full days shooting in the backcountry ... sleeping in temporary shelter at basecamp, eating simple foods and putting up with weird bugs at nite. Sounds just like a fun 4 day weekend that would get the creative juices flowing ...
  10. Another 2 days would allow me to shoot some remote parts of NE Florida that take some effort to reach. It would also allow me the time to scope out some locations at dawn, mid-day and evening to see which produces the best lighting.
  11. Why would I need two extra days at the end of the week? I have been retired for sixteen years and now I have six days a week to do as I please (mostly digital and video photography). That is Sunday thru Friday. Then I take the Sabbath off for recuperation, relaxatiion, and worship.
    I do mostly outdoor nature photography here in the Coachella Valley of Southern California, near Palm Springs. This spring has been quite good for flowers. I hope to get up to Maroon Belles, Colorado, early summer for flowers. Thanks for allowing me to make these comments.
    Gene Lambert
  12. Kansas City, MO, will be closing a huge amount of their public schools. It would be very interesting to document how that will effect students, parents, teachers and the inner city communities.

    Or documenting young, single mothers that are making it work despite the current economical situation and the unemployment rate. Something positive for a change.

    Or getting to really spend some time photographing the female inmates at our women's prison that are in the Nursery program. They can - if they meet certain criteria - get to keep their child with them if they give birth in prison. It sounds quite horrible I'm sure but it's nice to see these women be able to put down the hardened criminal facade and just be mothers for a while, playing with their kids, talking to other recent mothers etc. It's a neat program that does a lot of good for these girls and their kids.
  13. One Day One Photo (or many).
    Four day are a long time for take pictures. Last weekwend I went carry me out on old locomotive, we call "Maria Fumaça" (Fogh Mary). Blue sky, good people and temperature. I already made this trip, but it´s soo good and recover good child memories. I did photo, eat and had fun. Next weekend I will go to fishing and certainly will do photos.

    Excuse my English.
  14. I like to travel on long weekends and use that for my family. In that journey I would like to take some NATURE pics on traveling.
  15. great composition, congrats !
    I hope you'll like this one
  16. what a nice reflection

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