Photography permit in NY area?

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  1. I kept looking for any information related to photography permit in NYC area but I can not find clear answers. Putting a light stand is def require a permit but am I allow to use an assistance for holding Off Camera Flash equipment? Is she/he can hold it on the ground while the light stand is connected to OCF? Which area is illegal or prohibited? And more. I would like to contact someone about this but I found no one so far. Most information was related to video, not photography. I want to know specific information for NYC, Queens, Brooklyn, and public parks. I already checked NYC gov and individual parks but still not clear. Whom should I speak about photography permit? I dont want websites to read information cause I already did but I found very limited information.
  2. As long as you have an assistant to hold the lights and nothing touches the ground your good. The tripod is the only thing allowed to touch the ground. The city parks are tricky. You will have to contact the parks department. If your low key you should be fine. The state parks for sure need permission and permits.
  3. Benjamin:

    Here is the contact information you need:


    Most shoot permits go for film and video, so that's mostly what it's about, but they'll fill you in on photography too. In my experience (which might be a few years old), the city and city parks love photo shoots and will work hard to make sure that too many people aren't shooting in the same place and that everybody concerned is properly insured.

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