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  1. I know there are zillions of them, but I'm looking for a good photography magazine (print)
    that covers dSLR techniques in addition to just good photography styles/methods. If it were
    bent heavily towards Canon owners, that would be fine too. :)

    Any suggestions?

  2. What country are you in?

    In the UK I find EOS magazine a good read, and unsurprisingly it's very heavily weighted towards the Canon system. You can subscribe online.
  3. Again in the UK, Photography Monthly is usually pretty interesting. No leaning towards Canon owners and in my opinion that's no bad thing.
  4. If you want techniques then try either Photography Monthly or Practical Photography. Get a half a year's worth of issues and then don't bother, they just repeat the same advice on 4 subjects: black & white, portraits, landscapes, travel. They always have lots of basic advice for dSLRs and Photoshop. However, don't expect to find anything beyond the obvious or basic advice.

    You can get much better photography advice (with either film or digital SLRs) by reading the National Geographic Field Photography Guide. It is excellent and you can get the Landscape Guide and Portrait guide of the same series too. The Digital Guide is a cut down version of the Field Guide with very basic information.

    If you want a magazine with nice photos look for B+W, eight, aperture or go to the photography section at Borders.
  5. There are a bucket of them, mostly aimed at the mass market and almost exclusively full
    of sh#t about new digital cameras with the odd short lens review chucked in [anyone
    recognise pop photo?]. They seem more geared towards publicising and selling equipment
    than anything else.

    The best mags aren't all that into gear from my perspective, they're about photography.

    Two of my favs are "Digital Photo Pro" [sadly only bi-monthly] and "Photographie" [latter is
    German only].

  6. You can follow this link to download 2002 to 2005 series of Digital Camera World magazine. It's vey userful.
    User: handheldvn
    Pass: HHVN2005
    Folder: Public\Magazine of PPC
  7. I can recommend Popular Photography & Imaging. Lots of practical dSLR-tips and lots of Canon stuff. Right now you can get 12 issues for 12 $ or 24 issues for 22 $. Add 8 $ for postage if you live outside USA. Tjeck it out:
  8. Photography Monthly is a really pathetic magazine in my opinion, very patronisingly aimed at 'just beginners' and with shallow articles and opinions and really pathetic reviews. I can recommend Amateur Photographer that I have gone back to though it is more of a good read than a techniques magazine, ditto professional photographer that I get.
  9. Amateur photographer is the best IMO. Photography monthly and Practical photography are also pretty good and I think slightly bias toward Canon products.
  10. Digital Photo Pro seems to be quite an excellent magazine most months.

    What I like about them, is that even though they focus on digital imaging, they still stress proper technique, and getting the best exposure while you're taking the shot, rather than relying on post-processing to turn a mediocre image into a great one. Something many people don't want to hear anymore.
  11. I would subscribe to Practical Photography if I could justify the cost (I'm in the USA). That's a good magazine.

    I'm currently subscribed to PopPhoto because the subscription was so cheap. But it's mostly fluff.
  12. If you're a digital photographer, you must be interested in Photoshop. NAPP (National
    Association Of Photoshop Professionals) has a magazine called PhotoshopUser that is the
    best in the industry IF the intergration of Photoshop and photography is what you're looking
    for. 1 year membership is $99 - you get more than just the best magazine in the world. See
    their website <>
  13. For great photography: Hamburger Eyes
  14. stp


    I'll second the suggestions of Digital Photo Pro & Photoshop User; both are excellent.
    Of the 8-9 magazines that I've subscribed to, I've found these to be the most useful.
  15. for what its worth I like Peterson's Photographic, they have a lot of tips and techniques. Its cheap too $9.99 for a year.
  16. If it were bent heavily towards Canon owners, that would be fine too. :)
    heavily bent towards Canon - but extremely well done: EOS Magazine. Well worth it.
    - Harman
  17. I subsrcibe to Digital Photo (UK, published by emap). Not because of its general photography tutorials (which are quite basic and aimed at the amateur), but because they have a section of great Photoshop tutorials every month that have really helped me. Of course I could of bought a good book on the subject instead...
  18. hey anthony,
    the best magazines i have come across which give a good blend of advice on film and digital techniques are Practical Photography and Amateur Photography. Both are based in UK and subscription rates are high, but usually both have deals like a free tripod or mid-size camera bag along woth the subscriptions which makes them a good buy.
    The articles, reviews, competitions, etc are much better then the american counterparts.
  19. There is also Photo Life (, published in Canada, which uses fair quality paper/production techniques (although it is no Aperture or LensWork in this regard) compared to the more "pulpier" magazines.

    Further, there is Photo Techniques (, formerly Darkroom Techniques I believe, covering film /digital capture techniques as well as traditional/wet and digital darkroom.


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