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  1. I am not sure if this is the right spot to ask this question but I am interested in subscribing to a Photo magazine but I am looking more artistic side rather than commercial side. Any suggestions?
    Alfredo Perez
  2. "Lens Work" if it is still publishing.
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    I liked Lens Work when I saw it around. Also, Aperture, which is definitely publishing, Blind Spot, which hasn't put out an issue since July but looks like it might still be alive, Vogue. And I really like Inked, but that's a little more topical and related to some of what I shoot.
  4. American Suburb X, if you don't mind an online magazine. It's consistently among the best online magazines about photographs rather than equipment and technique.
    Also, peruse the self-published magazines on Blurb. There are some very good periodicals and one-offs. Many photographers provide extensive online previews to help decide with buying the paper publications.
  5. It's obviously specific to large-format view cameras techniques and features, but the "View Camera" magazine is a very artistic and nice presentation of photography as art.

  6. I like Chasseur d'Image (in French): Its tests are very good.
  7. If you can get hold of it, the "British Journal of Photography" is a high quality publication. Heavily leaning towards the art of photography, equipment reviews are kept to a couple of pages near the back of the magazine.
  8. The definitive magazine on fine art photography is Aperture, published four times a year by Aperture Foundation; check

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