Photography lessons in exchange for english lessons

Discussion in 'Education' started by alex_marlin, Feb 5, 2016.

  1. Hi!
    I'm Alex and I'm a photography instructor. My lessons will be interesting both for beginners and professionals. My skills: interior photography, food photography, object photography.
    Also I can share my experience with Photoshop and Capture one with you.
    And what I would like to get is - english speaking practice with a native speaker. You do not need to teach me, just correct my mistakes.
    I hope that will be great experience for both parties.
    That's not a commercial offer. I just want to make some english speaking freinds and share my knowledges. Pls feel free to contact me.My skype is Zerkalny.
    I'll send you my portfolio upon request.
  2. If your online written English is any example, you'd likely be teacher, not pupil.
  3. I got some help to write this down
  5. I retired as English teacher from a community college. I know this is long after your posting, but I would be glad to help in exchange for some photo lessons.
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