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  1. Does anybody have any suggestions about the best place to purchase photography insurance from? Specifically to cover equipment on premises and on location / liability? Any information on the insurance offered through would also be appreciated, thanks.
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    Yes our insurance details are the following:

      • Association benefit of master policy pricing
      • Individual general liability limits are $1,000,000 per occurrence and $2,000,000 aggregate
      • Higher limits may be available
      • Venues are automatically included as additional insureds
      • Annual liability premium for an individual photographer is $175
      • Additional photographers, assistants and photo booths can be included for $60 per exposure
      • Studio coverage can be included for an additional $300
      • Major exclusions are: erroneous distribution, professional liability, errors & omissions, surveillance, pornography
      • Minimum premium for up to $15,000 of equipment coverage is $150 for replacement cost valuations
      • The equipment rate is $10 per $1,000 with maximum value of $5,000 per item
      • Theft coverage is included with evidence of forced entry and a police report
      • Once premium is paid, it is fully earned and not refundable
      • Insurance carrier is rated "A++" (Superior) and has a financial strength rating of XV ($2 Billion or greater) by A.M. Best Company and specializes in program business is the address and to get access the code will be on your premium subscription receipt.
  3. You can get it through and also through PPA for pretty good rates.
  4. Given the low rates, it's not surprising, note the exclusions of Professional Liability and E&O. Basically you'll be getting hazard insurance for your equipment and liability coverage for harm to the property and/or health of others. This is no small thing. Professional photographers need to also consider Professional Liability insurance and E&O insurance, particularly if you have a studio and "clients". If a client falls off a stool in your studio, you'll be covered, but if a hacker breaks into your HD, then steals and publishes boudoir pix of a politician, then you're on your own. (The insurance companies will argue about whether it's PL or EO, if you've got insurance, but someone will be defending you). It's up to each photographer to weigh the risk vs. the cost of coverage.
  5. "Major exclusions are: (...) pornography"

    Within the meaning of the contract, exactly what is "pornography"? And how would being engaged in "pornography" (whatever that means) increase the insurance carrier's risk exposure? In law, the word has a rather vague definition: "The portrayal of sexual acts solely for the purpose of sexual arousal." How do you judge the photography's intention in taking certain pictures?
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  7. Yes I read it.It's really good.
  8. I had a membership with PPA for a couple of years but had to cancel it as they were too aggressive in their marketing (and selling my information to third parties) despite my repeated requests for them to not do that. One shouldn't have to ask five times not be treated like a commodity. In the end it just was not worth it for me.
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    Check through the folks that handle your Auto, Homeowners, etc. When I was working at photography I bought a rider from them -- wasn't expensive. I checked a couple of years back when my gear started to get expensive in aggregate. Was told that unless I was doing photography for pay, I was covered under Homeowners and Comprehensive on the cars. It was pretty clear that other coverage was available if I went Pro.
  10. Has anyone noticed that the poster above has invisible spam links, a few lines below their post?

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