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Discussion in 'Education' started by jeremy031671, Jun 17, 2017.

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  1. Hello! I am a senior preparing for college in the States. I was thinking about double majoring photography with other major, and I was thinking if there is a decent school in the east coast that offers a good photography course with others. I was thinking of Notredame or Boston (originally thinking of majoring theology), but any good suggestions?
  2. It is likely that your high school counselor has school catalogs showing what degrees and courses are offered by different universities.
    Perhaps some here can suggest schools and, more importantly, faculties that have a good reputation, but the lack of responses so far is not encouraging.

    One problem is that photography as a professional field is waning - many aspects of it are being overrun by computer graphics (product photography, for example).

    There are still mostly technical training programs of quality in things like the Art Institutes.

    My school, Southern Illinois University, had a superb faculty and an excellent program, but I simply don't know what its status is right now -- and similarly for other universities.

    i think your impulse to make some other field your central and primary major is wise. Photography can be a second major or a minor.
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  3. If you want to become a professional photographer, I suggest you major in business and minor in photography. Professional photography is a business and requires some training and understanding.
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  4. East covers a lot of ground. Virginia Tech has a school of visual arts with a major and minor that includes digital and analog photography and so does Radford down the road. I know 2 shops that cater to them. One said that his sales of film camera gear to students so far this year is three times what he did all of last year. They have good faculty but like JDM I also do not know their status. You can also just take electives in what interests you most without the minor.
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  8. Given that the OP was from 2017, it's likely that he's committed to a course of study already
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