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  1. I will be travelling to Maine next week, in the Camden and Algonquit
    areas. I'll be shooting black and white in 8x10, and color and B&W in
    6x4.5 and maybe 35mm. I am looking for suggestions for:

    1) Photo opportunities - everything from the can't-miss to the ones
    that would normally not be found in a few days.

    2) Recommendations of good, well-stocked camera shops that at least
    have 120 film. Also, if you have a contact there, a name would be

    Thanks, all!
  2. Check out the Maine Photographic Workshops in Rockport (next to Camden). They have a LOT of things you'd be interested in, including the store. I've learned more at the workshops I've taken there, in a shorter time, than I could have anywhere else. Those workshops have been a tremendous value for both my professional and personal photography. Highly recommended.
  3. For camera shopes in ME, try photo market, one of the best stocked in the state, (Photo Market, (207) 797-7100, 945 Forest Ave, Portland, ME 04103) in Portland (between agunquit and camden, biggest city in the state). Talk to Jon, Melissa, Peter, or anyone else there. They should stock pretty much any film you need, and most equiptment you might forget. Call ahead about 8x10, if they don't have it, I'm sure they'd get it for you. For photo-ops, there's the ussual portland head, which everyone shoots and everyone has a shot of. If you care to ask a few locals in the portland are were kettle cove is, it's kind of a nice spot, not far from Portland headlight on rt 77 IIRC. One of my favorites along the coast is Popham beach state park at the mouth of the kennebek, just down from Bath. Another good spot other than Acadia, and not far from it is Schoodic point. If you get a chance to head inland, take it, some of my favorite places were up in the mountains, Grafton Notch, the Rangley lakes. I grew up about a half hour outside of Portland, only left this spring so if you have any questions, drop me a line.
  4. Jason; Ditto what Mark said about Rockport. While at the store in the union hall look across the street. That bookstore is Timothy Whelan (sp) bookstore. It is the best photo only bookstore in the country. Also beg, borrow or hitchike to the Portland Museum of Art.
    The Edward Weston life work show is on until October 19th. This show is not to be missed. Any film you want should be available at the union hall. They will very likely have a show every night.
  5. Monhegan Island, Pemaquid Point light, Casco Bay mail boat trip, Eastern & Western Promenades (Portland)
  6. Ditto the Photography ReSource in Rockport, and Tim Whelan's bookstore. The ReSource has 4x5 film but I don't recall seeing any 8x10 when I was there last month (but I wasn't looking for it either).

    And by all means go to the Farnsworth Museum in Rockland - they have a special exibition of Andrew Wyeth portraits (the Erickson Family) that are an inspiration to photographers.

    About an hour (in light traffic) north of Camden is Fort Knox - just across the river from Bucksport. This is a very old stone fortification that is in amazingly good condition and is a great spot for LF photography. No restrictions on tripods, but it would be prudent to get there early on a weekday (say 8:30am) to avoid the crowds. You can see examples on Eric Boutilier-Brown's site.

    South out of Rockland on Rt. 76 to Owl's Head - the lighthouse is neat - walk down to the beach and shoot up from there. Best in the evening - could be some fog this time of year. Also some interesting early morning water-on-rocks opportunities from the path from the parking lot to the lighthouse. Also, I got a neat shot of the Owl's Head Grange Hall that you have to drive by to get to the lighthouse.

    Further south to Port Clyde - there is a really nice lighthouse there. Best early in the morning.

    Between Rockport and Camden there is a farm that raises Belted Galloway cows - look like oreo cookies. They pose - no model fees required.

    Throughout the area there are lots of interesting little ports. One of my favorites is on Spruce Head island - where Eliot Porter lived - but there are a lot of others to choose from. Best either early AM (pray for fog - it's a wonderful subject) or evening.

    Pemaquid Light - yeah, its dramatic. The parking lot is always full of cars. Creates a been there, done that feeling.

    Final note - you really have to search to find bad seafood in that area. Have fun.
  7. A quick note on Popham Beach ... aprt of it is privately owned ... nice people but
    something you should know.
  8. What part of Popham is private? I beleive it's a state park. There is quite a bit of private property, camps, etc around. Also the beach is (by definition) public property.
  9. IF you are into fortifications, there is also one at Popham State Park. Condition is supposed to be a bit iffy.
  10. The Maine workshops has a store called The Resource that carries a good amount of supplies. I don't know what kind of photography you will be doing, but there is an amazing abandoned school some where near the workshops (about a 15 min. ride if I remember right). It's called Lincoln St. School. Its a large public school (gym, theater, class rooms...) The light is just amazing and they had no problem when my group went there to photograph. If you have the time, its really cool.
  11. Here's another one.
  12. The former Lincoln Street School is in Rockland and is now a local arts center.
  13. Maine is a very fruitful area to photograph. Some places not mentioned by others:

    >Near Camden is Fernaulds Preserve, a beautiful second growth forest along Lake Megunticook. Very subtle forested landscapes, lots of trails, rocks, moss, ferns. . .

    >Old mill buildings in many towns.

    >Fort Knox--about an hour north of Camden. A 1840's stone fort.


    >Cushing for Olson House.

    There is a photo shop in Camden that stocks film and other supplies and processes E6 daily.

    A wonderful area to stay and photograph.
  14. I spent four full days at Schoodic Point and never wore it out. 8x10 in the morning, 4x5 in the afternoon. Then off to lobster dinner in Bar Harbor, and a cheap motel way outside of town.
  15. Are you sure abou it being an art center? I was just there in early July.
  16. Definately check out the photo resources at the Maine Photographic Workshops in Rockport. Also, Reid State Park is on the other side of the river from Popham (sp) Beach. Just as beautiful, lots of sand patterns at low tide if you like that, and there's also lots of rock landscape at the eastern edge of the beach. There's no questions about private or public access here. If you like grand views of island studded bays drive up Mount Battie in Camden, Camden Hills State Park. and if you can get a boat ride the coast between Camden-Rockport-Rockland offers four spectacular lighthouse scenes (only the one at Owls Head in Rockland can be approached by car).

    David Blackett
  17. Yes Mr. O'Connor, if we are talking about the same place, and I'm sure we are, it is the Lincoln Street Center for Arts & Education located at 24 Lincoln St. in Rockland. It used to be a public school and still looks like one, though it is a little run-down. Now it has some rental studios, a director, exhibitions, concerts and other performances in the theater, and some art classes and workshops. It even has a website which you can find with any search engine. If I wanted to photograph there, I would call first: 207 594 6489.
  18. aack. Now I want to go back to Maine, haven't been there in five years, won't make it this summer either. Cape Cod just ain't the same.
  19. Grady, those are quite nice. I only followed this post through e-mail alerts, so I never saw them.

    Are any of you guys located in the camden/rockport/algonquit? I may be really interested in paying someone for a few (4 or 6) sheets of ISO 100 or slower 8x10, if you have it. Unfortunately, after just buying a Ilfochrome Classic chem kit and paper, I'm going away and don't even have money for a box of film.
  20. Don't spend all your time just shooting the landscape. Lots of interesting New England stuff there, too.
  21. Well, I'm leaving within the hour. While I'm up there, you can e-mail me on my cell phone at (obviously without the strings of 'xxx'). Please keep the emails to under 150 characters, without a subject. Thanks.

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