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  1. Will be visiting Hong Kong for 9 days in January 2018. Other than visiting friends and some relatives, I would like to shoot with some local photographers for a few days. For example, visit the wetland preserve and do some street photography.

    Any recommendation to make the best photographic use of a few days?
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    My favorite in Hong Kong is something that has been captured countless times. When I was a kid growing up there, I always wanted to capture the skyline at night. Somehow I never did. I guess my family never liked the idea that I would stay out at night. I finally did that during a visit there a few years ago:

  3. Wow, beautiful picture is of Hong Kong.
  4. I was just in China and for street photography I really liked the older neighborhoods and markets. Apparently theses neighborhoods are disappearing in favor of new development and there are not many left.
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  5. Waterfront as posted above, on the Kowloon side looking towards the Island side. There is also a symphony of lights display at night. For street stuff maybe Mongkok and Sham Sui Poi and the side streets. Maybe look up the street food markets which are closing - current pple can still hold their license but new licenses are no longer available.
  6. fog/smog in HK can be a real problem for landscape, not an issue for your street photography though
  7. Back late last night. Would have preferred to shoot the Hong Kong skyline at dusk but ended up there much later with a black sky. This was photographed from the Star Ferry pier at the Kowloon side as well - believe Shun was standing much further to the right. To preserve some modicum of higher resolution, I made two shots and stitched them together.

    ~ Olympus EM1 II with Olympus 12-100mm lens on a tripod.

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    I was in Hong Kong again last month (December 2017), and I was at the harbor for the night shot again. However, there was a laser show that evening and it was super crowded. Below is one of the images I got this time, but I still prefer the December 2012 version, shown earlier on this thread, better. For example, I prefer the lights being on inside the Star Ferry (ships) in the 2012 images. Unfortunately, there wasn't a factor I could control.

    Nikon D850 with 24-70mm/f2.8 lens @ 34mm, f5.6, 1/8 sec, tripod

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  9. Now you were on the other side of the Star Ferry. :)
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    Speaking of the Star Ferry, that is one of my favorite subjects in Hong Kong. This is the reverse angle looking from Hong Kong Island towards the Kowloon Peninsula. The earlier night images by Mary and me were all captured from the area that is now in the center of this image.

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  11. Red Sail in the Hong Kong Harbor.

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  12. This was taken from Victoria Peak quite a few years ago


    And this was through my hotel window.


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