Photography at Baseball Games?

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  1. Hello.
    This summer my friends and I are planning to attend 6-7 different ballparks and I want to take alot of photos of the games. I wanted to know IF and WHAT problems anyone has encountered bringing in expensive camera equipment and lenses into any Major League baseball stadiums. For reference, I am planning on bringing my Canon 7D and 70-200mm 2.8, and a few wide angles.
    We will be hitting up Coors Field, AT&T Park(San Fran), Fenway, Comerica Park, and Dodger Stadium so far...
    Have you ever been told you couldn't bring in your equipment or it was too large or anything like that?
  2. Thanks for the research information Matt. That really helps alot!
  3. I brought my camera to several Oakland A's baseball games and have never had a problem. SLR's, point and shoots, and even a blad once. I wouldn't bring bags of stuff into the park but a body and a lens or two in a small bag has never been a problem.
  4. In between Fenway and Comerica Park, why not stop at PNC Park in Pittsburgh. This park has two major advantages. It is the most beautiful of any of the newer ball parks. It is also possible to get a seat close to the action on the day of the game. This shot was taken from the third row, next to the dugout. I bought the ticket from the box office on the day of the game.
    I've also seen some great baseball played in PNC Park (mostly by the visiting team--The Pirates have not been competitive since the place was built).
    You should also add Wrigley to your list. There is no better place in the world to watch a ball game.
  5. For what its worth, I took a small bag into Busch Stadium (St. Louis Cardinals) with a 50D and grip, 70-200 2.8 IS, 17-40, 28-135 and 2X TeleConveter without any questions. They just asked to see in the bag and said I was good to go! That was last year. Before I had the nicer equipment I had taken a 30D and Sigma 70-300 and 18-55 numerous times.
    These are taken off of
    Guests may bring in bags/backpacks that do not exceed 16" x 16" x 8". All persons entering the stadium and their possessions are subject to a visual and possibly an electric wand scan."
    "Cameras/Video Equipment
    Both still and video cameras are allowed in Busch Stadium, as long as they do not obstruct another guest's view. Credentialed professional news crews/cameras are only allowed on the concourses and are not to film any game action unless given permission by the Cardinals."
    I would just check with each park, I went to the Cards site and then under Busch Stadium A-Z guide they have all sorts of info.
    Hope this helps a little -Caleb
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    AT&T Park allows you to shoot with pretty much anything as long as you don't obstruct views/paths, which generally means no tripods. However, a monopod and a long lens is fine.
  7. Looks like the Twins move to Target Field was accompanied by a move to the more restrictive camera policy - No Pro Bodies... I wonder if that means my D300 is not allowed but my D40 is...
  8. The ballpark where the Texas Rangers play is one of the more lenient places in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex to take in just about anything. I have seen people using cameras as big as Canon 1D series bodies and some of the bigger L series lenses from seats. Even seen a monopod or two, as long as the user didn't make a scene and/or obstruct other fans' views of the field and action. As long as the bag fits under your seat it's OK has pretty much been the policy. I have carried in as big a bag as a Lowe-Pro mini-trekker backpack stuffed-full of gear and the only comment ever heard was "have fun!".
    I have read of others much, much less lenient, both in online forum comments and in just reading the security section of stadium info links on major league team sites so it makes a lot of sense to research online ahead of time and even call the clubs if you have any doubts.
  9. You are fine at Fenway as long as the bag is small, check the website. Here is a shot at a recent Red Sox Orioles game, I was on first base side grandstand lower level, Canon 40D, 70-200 w 1.4x.
  10. Actually that's Jeremy Hermida (LF) coming in to make the catch behind Marco Scutaro (SS) #16

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