Photographs that changed the world

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  1. Yes, us street/documentary photographers have something to say.
  2. Those are mostly documentary photos, not street photos. I'm not sure how much they've changed the world as much as they've shown it for what it is. It's up to those of us seeing or making the pictures to change the world, but too often we languish in sympathetic emotions for what is shown and then doing nothing.
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  3. "samstevens
    Those are mostly documentary photos, not street photos" Sam.

    Does it really matter? They are all telling a story regardless of the distinction you imply.
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  4. Yes, I know it's both and have posted documentary photos to this forum myself. I made the distinction because the photos posted were not street/documentary but documentary and my sense is that documentary photos have probably had more historical effect than street photos, even though I happen to appreciate and dabble in both. But, thanks, JDM, for the bold red text emergency notice!
  5. Perhaps the forum should be re-named "Street and/or Documentary" ...

    [He started with PHOTOJOURNALISM (which I believe this forum also covers) and went onto do more ART PHOTOGRAPHY (which is posted here for illustrative and comparative purposes).]
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  8. Wait . . . Some of those are videos and almost none actually show streets!

    Is there any chance that, with the limited attention these forums get, we actually discuss content instead of classification?

    I remember the vast majority of the images in both of these videos and still found myself tearing up while watching. But, the photos do not change the world. They provide impetus for actions that change the world.
  9. Sure. They've been up for over a month, so there's been ample opportunity to add anything of substance to the discussion. I happen to agree with what you've said about the photos themselves, and you may note that I already said as much in my first post to the thread.
  10. I don't see most of these images as 'street' images. But I have great respect for these powerful iconic images and for the photographers who made them. They did indeed have a great influence on public opinion.

    I mean no disrespect to either the photographers or the photos. But it did occur to me that many of the photos are relatively old (1920's-1970's). There have been very many 'world events' since then which have been photographed. Too many to name. Just think of Kosovo, wars, terrorist bombings, oppression and famine in many countries across the world. And also photos of people that - in defiance of their circumstances - try to make things better.

    I doubt whether any selection of these images would fit onto a video of any length. It just seems to me that - while remembering the documented past - we should also remember the - as yet - undocumented recent past.
  11. But, Mike . . . If the idea is to show "photographs that have changed the world" the vast majority ARE going to be older pictures. Images shot more recently have had less to time to have influence and the impact of photography has been shaken by video and shorter news cycles.
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  12. Yeah, maybe it's time to move on.
  13. Not my photos.
    Ukraine aircraft shot down in Iran:

    LINK 1

    LINK 2

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  14. This is an epic thread! Some photos made me cry! Really there are some of the most influential photos from Earth's history. Definitely unforgettable images.
  15. Some of them changed the world.
  16. Which ones and specifically how?
  17. Ok Sam, I'll play. the photo of the street execution and the photo of the naked girl after a napalm attack definitely brought the Vietnam war home sufficiently to get TV involved in covering the war daily, and those photos, including the photo of the young women putting a flour in the soldiers rifle changed public attitude here in the states which ultimately altered the course of the war. Absolute effect of photographs. And of course that doesn't disagree with the point that photographs bring the story to the viewer, they don't create the story. But that the important effect of the best documentary photography. By bringing the information to the reader, that information can change people's attitudes and perceptions.
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