Photographs of the Moscow subway terror bombing

Discussion in 'Street and Documentary' started by tsypkin, Mar 29, 2010.

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  2. Good job. Like the bus picture the most. When did this happen?
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  3. When did this happen?​
    Today, Monday, March 29, 2010, during the morning rush hour. It's horrible.
  4. I had no idea. Just read on CNN too. I regret my comment now - "good job" directed at the photography not the act, of course....
    Hopefully this will not lead to additional bloodshed. although from the sounds of it, it probably will.
  5. Wrong address, sorry; here is the correct one:
  6. It just shows that terror has no borders, it is the modern cancer. All the world is affected, USA, Spain, England, Iraq, Afghanistan,Pakistan, India, Middle East Africa,Yemen and more. All the innocent people that pay with their life and terrible body and mental wounds. What do you think is the solution, is there any?
  7. My sincere condolences to those who suffered in these incidents.
    However, in keeping with the moderator's comment that discussion in this thread should center on the photography, was anyone else as impressed as I was with with the quality of the images in the last link (ie, )?
    The EXIF data shows that all the images on that page were taken with a 5D Mk II (21 Mpixels) and L lenses, so I would expect superb resolution and smooth transitions, but what really impressed me is the way the camera (and any subsequent PP) handled the overcast day. It obviously nailed the color balance, but it goes beyond that. It kept the grays gray whether they were bright or dark, it didn't overcook skin tones or other colors when correcting for the blue cast of overcast days. I also thought it handled the featureless sky well, almost like the shoulder of an old film density curve, not an abrupt transition to (256,256,256), nor adding extra HDR-like local contrast. Even the down-rezing to put the images on the web was handled well -- sharp but smooth and no artifacts.
    I'm impressed, and that's coming from a guy who has been shooting almost exclusively with Nikon gear for decades. I love my d700's and my collection of good Nikkor glass, but I know I would have to significantly PP images from a d700 to get them to look like that. Anyway, just a tip of the hat to the photographer, the 5d II, and their workflow in what must have been a tense, high pressure news situation.
    Tom M
  8. Politics is definitely off topic, but discussing the context of a picture and the emotion invoked is surly not off topic at all! I think these pictures capture the raw emotion of the event, suffering, discomfort, inconvenience, shock... they help us all connect as people. I felt the first picture was quite powerful, just the look in the peoples eyes tells a story, not to mention the framing of the setting. Dan
  9. I'm afraid there is no quick solution to these bloody conflicts.We as individuals can only try our best to treat other people with respect and we should always believe in equality and liberty for all.There are ideas out there of racial superiority,religious ideas of higher purity and other primitive believes that prevent the goodness in humanity to suppress and defeat the ideologies of exclusivity to which some groups subscribe.

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