Photographs of Life on UK Canals in 1952

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  1. Tony Parsons

    Tony Parsons Norfolk and Good

    Fascinating series of images from a time when life was less frantic.
  2. Wonderful shots.
  3. Lovely photography, thanks for posting. The captions are dodgy though ‘ a series of gates to another part of the river’! I think they mean a lock on a canal. I’ve not heard a canal boat called a ship before either!
  4. Yes, the standard of research is depressingly low. Attributing the decline of canal traffic to the increase in lorries seems to ignore the effect or railways altogether,
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  5. I wanted to take a canal boat trip for years before I last went to England (2001) but hoof and mouth disease got there before me and all the canals were closed. Still read all the canal websites though.
  6. Thanks

    There's not much left over here in the USA but archaeological traces of canals.

    Here's some of the former Potomac Canal (aka Potowmack Canal), one of the early ones:

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