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  1. And now I'm reminded of the point made by stand-up comedian Dane Cook where he mentions going up to a kid eating an ice cream cone in the mall and suddenly grabbing it from him and taking a big bite out of it and saying..."You will never forget this for the rest of your life, kid!"

    I remember it and there were no photos involved. Power of suggestion? Do photos suggest too much that it affects our memories?
  2. What are you remembering when you are out taking photographs?

    My experience suggests time multiplied by the square root of chimping equals dead batteries.
  3. Just curious. What are you thinking about or not forgetting when taking photos?
  4. Dad and I had a conversation about this today.
    He spoke of a picture he had by the bed that was of himself with his Mother, Father, Sister, and Brothers.
    “We were all there together at that moment in time, placed in a good position relative one to another, in nice clothes and all cheerfully smiling. There is no other picture like it of us all together. It was taken some 70 years ago. And yet when I looked at it this morning a feeling washed over me I had never felt before. A joyful peace and comfort of place in the world. I have never felt that looking at that picture. It was like a sort of magic.”

    Thinking about what he’d said I described the analogy of a bottle of wine. Nothing external is added to the bottle between corking and uncorking, but “the fullness of time”. And look at the change that takes place. We are impatient all too often with each other and ourselves. I wonder what greatness is lost through that Impatience. Divorced from mates once intended to be so for life, family members, friends, even work we give up on when the reward does not come soon enough to meet our timetable.

    The picture represents so many things.
    And as Fred so insightfully pointed out, what we see in it is a reflection of our own changing self.
  5. When you look at a picture of a person you love, you fall in love all over again.
  6. I somehow ended up listening to "Light my Fire" by the Doors. It evoked the feeling of summer in the 60s, a sense memory?
  7. Related: I am the least nostalgic person on earth. Maybe. I never take photographs thinking about their historical value and I take almost no personal photos (subject for another discussion?). That said, after 48 years of life on this planet, most of it taking pictures, I find myself amazed at a) how much the world has changed since, say, 2001, and b) how deeply I value photographs of people who have passed away. When I look at photographs of my father, I can absolutely hear the depth of his voice, its particular inflections, and even remember specific things he said. In brief, I used to think I could make photographs that were only about the here and now but they inevitably become about a past that no longer exists. Attached: portrait of me, maybe aged 10, with a Pentax K1000.

    View attachment 151_20131115_0008.jpg
  8. The little photo tucked into a wallet.

    A touchy feely memory.

    Is there anything nicer?
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  9. “We were all there together at that moment in time, placed in a good position relative one to another, in nice clothes and all cheerfully smiling" Moving On".

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  10. The little wallet photo.

  11. For Phil.

    We wrote a hundred letters ,and you did not write an answer.

    This too, is a reply.
  12. Interesting Tim. There's quite a bit of research on the effect of photo line-ups. There's a professor named Ronald Fisher who has done a lot of work on memory and interviewing in police investigations and one of the topics is how to best administer a photo line-up in such a way that it doesn't pre-suppose a witness to select a particular suspect. Here's a link to his bio. (We share a last name, and I've worked with him in the past, but we are not related.)
  13. That's an interesting article on the subject but did the research actually take note of how the photographic process affects the perception of a person? I discovered how profoundly different a person can be made to look that you wouldn't be able to identify a collection of photos of the same person as being the same person.

    Here's an example below of collection of selfie's I made. It's me, but not all look like me. I have others that make me look even more different.
  14. Uh no, they all look like the same nar.....uh guy.
  15. Hmmm Tim, I think #4 is the perp! Though #3 has pretty shifty eyes!
  16. "My tea's gone cold I'm wondering why I got out of bed at all
    The morning rain clouds up my window and I can't see at all
    And even if I could it'll all be gray, put your picture on my wall
    It reminds me, that it's not so bad, it's not so bad

    Phil S, Aug 13, 2018 Report".

    With a hundred thousand preceptors the sphere revolves round the Phil , seeking the Phil.

    But where is the Phil.
  17. Tim.

    I'm scared.
  18. "t you responded to are the lyrics to Stan which is about this well-meaning but deranged dude " Phil

    Never heard of the dude, Stan.

    "I mean, c'mon now Allen, it ain’t no fun if I have to keep explaining things to ya like this"...Phillip.

    Patience is a virtue, Phil. Methinks you like virtues.

    Only sweet voiced birds are imprisoned.
    Owls are not kept in cages.
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