Photographing Tokyo and surroundings

Discussion in 'Travel' started by randleman, Feb 25, 2014.

  1. Hello - I am traveling to Tokyo the first week of April - my first visit!

    I love cityscapes, night shooting, and landscape work. I will have a coule of days to travel outside Tokyo and was thinking about Kyoto.
    Any recommendations on places to get great views both in and around the city would be most appreciated!

  2. Hi Brad. I've only just noticed your thread and that noone's replied and you'll be leaving soon... let me give you some ideas as to what I enjoyed most on my visits.
    I shot the Time Out guide to Tokyo some 9 years ago. It's a wonderful city but it's enormous so give yourself plenty of time for travelling about. I also lived there for 18 months and got to know downtown Tokyo best of all. It's busy but calm. The people are lovely. Shinjuku and Shibuya really come alive at night, as does Roppongi. Harajuku is good fun by day and photogenic. Mount Fuji looks spectacular on a clear day and is a pleasant train ride away from central Tokyo. You could also visit Kamakura in nearby Yokohama. That's where they have the big Buddha. Regarding your trip out of Tokyo. Yes indeed I'd say Kyoto is the best choice. Take a mini Time Out or Lonely Planet guide and you'll have all you need.
    Have fun.
  3. Thanks Karl - just got your message and really appreciate your response. I did get to Kyoto for a day and rely enjoyed it - also got to see a little bit of Tokyo - definitely want to come back!

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