Photographing Hurricane Irma

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  1. Michael, so happy for your good fortune. Here's hoping the best for you and yours. David.
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  2. For those of you who might be interested in the shots I took while in exile in Orlando, they're posted in my portfolio. I could apologize for the unabashed solicitation, but I won't!
  3. Michael, glad to hear everything ok. We dodged a bullet here in Clearwater at the last minute. Only a Cat 1 hit. The 8 foot diameter oak in my side yard and 60 foot tall oak in the front just dumped about 1.5 days worth of leaves and twig clean up but nothing significant. Power off 5 days but Alien bee vagabond II and Mini kept my cell phone charged. They are multi-taskers that would make Alton Brown smile. The storm was only moving about 10 mph north and I think it pushed birds from the everglades north. My resident wood stork had 5 buddies here yesterday and there were another 20 white birds of various species there too. I have never seen that amount of storks here. One brown ibs has been feasting on clams in the pond and I will post that Monday . Wood ducks back too. One piece of gear did tweak my neck when I yanked on the handle of a pelican case that empty is 40 lbs and with 5 Einseins and filled with lenses and bodies, it had to be pushing 100 lbs. I learned there are folding handles at both ends but wheels at only one end. Michael, hope your clean up went well. I enjoyed the photos. They opened the causeway to the beach and little damage there. Shot taken from my bar Palm Pavilion dance floor and sunset (1 of 1).jpg stool with frozen marg, first ice in days behind me, looking across the then empty dance floor, the band is at the left and sun is setting over the gulf. Back to normal and all is good.
  4. Glad to hear your news, Bob. Our only issue was tons of small tree branches and leaves - all over the place. A neighbor down the block lost an entire oak, which toppled;ed partially into the street. Our community's landscape company came in and cleaned off the street. We're now waiting for Waste Mgmt or whoever to get rid of the pile of dead vegetation that is killing a part of our front lawn. By the way, friends several blocks from us kept an eye on the house, and advised that our power was down only for about 8 hours while we were in Orlando.

    My wife and I may be at loggerheads of Maria comes our way. I won't leave the house again; hopefully she will agree.

    PS Your photograph is a gentle reminder of the view from your barstool before Irma, and evidence that all is OK.
  5. Definitely stay safe! Heart and thoughts go out to everyone down there.
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