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  1. Hello
    A friend of mine just got accepted as a "finalist" and they are now asking her to purchase their printed book, at $55.00 per book. What I want to know, is some first hand experience from anyone that actually has gone through this process and also ordered the book. What size was their image printed, the quality of the book, etc?
    Personally, I think it's a waste and somewhat of a money grab. But she wants first hand experience.
    Thank You
  2. That question comes up once a year or so. It's a vanity press type affair. But web feedback from other participants indicate it's not a scam. If the photographer can afford it, sure, why not. But I doubt it's influential in promoting a photographer's prominence or career. For $55 I'd rather print a book of my own photos through Blurb, Magcloud or other on-demand printer.
  3. It's what is known as vanity publishing and its a very old business model/scam. Poetry and short story publishing were a common examples where this was used. Any submission to a publisher was accepted and then all the people whose work was accepted bought the over priced books.... in fact they were the only ones who did as the books were never actually distributed to book shops as the poems/short stories were often pretty bad.
  4. Lex & Dan,
    I agree completely. I think she entered in the magazine comp, in hopes of winning the Sigma lens or cash, which is fine. I just think that she will be disappointed in the book results. I too, think that her photographic vision and talent (which she has much of) would be better served by self publishing, etc. This Photographer Forum book will not get any distribution of any type. It's just a way of them making more profit.
  5. Does anyone ever not get accepted as a "finalist"? I've never seen a copy of their book so I don't know if they weed out the truly terrible.
    As everyone says, it's basically a vanity publication. I can probably think of better ways of spending $55, though if you want to see how your work compares with other contest entrants, I suppose it might be interesting to look at.
    It's hard to find any illustrations from the books online, but here's one that shows a couple of sample pages - the images look pretty small and the layout is quite boring - - I'm not very impressed.
    Here's another not too impressive page shot -
    And one more -
  6. I think the quality looks good, but agree they are small - but what do you expect - one page each? That wouldn't fund a large color conventionally printed book.

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