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Discussion in 'Large Format' started by sam_annetts, Mar 16, 2003.

  1. I'm rather new to large format (having moved up from a Pentax 6X7)
    and i'm interested in attending a workshop that takes in the
    Southwest USA. I've done a fair bit of background work on the net
    and i've narrowed things down a bit. One that looks good and is in
    my price range, and his work inspires me is run by Nigel Turner. Has
    anyone here been on one of his trips? I'd be interested to here any
  2. http;//<P>or<P> look into the Arizona Highways magazine workshops.
  3. Charles Farmer has a workshop scheduled for Lone Pine and the Eastern Sierra May 3-8.
  4. I would avoid the Santa Fe factory they are not geared towards
    LF. The Friends of Arizona Highways and Charles Farmer are
    good bets. Jack Dykinga and David Meunch teach at the FOAH
    just about every year, Dykinga is a nice guy, fun to be around
    and he caters to the LF user even though all formats are
  5. I'd suggest the New Mexico Photography Field School. I attended a couple of years back, and I was very very pleased.

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