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  1. I am planning a trip to New York in June. During that time I will be
    shopping for some Nikon Camera gear. Is there anyone who knows or who
    could recommend reputable stores in new york that have good stock of
    Nikon Gear?
    Thanking you in advance for your replies.


  2. Just for starters:


    B&H Photo Video

  3. Shem,
    Jim gave you all you really need. There are other great stores such as Photovillage that you may want to look at as well, but B&H and Adorama are great, very reputable stores where you can get any Nikon gear you need. My personal favorite is B&H, but have shopped frequently at Adorama as well and received excellent service.

  4. B&H...bring your credit card! Adorama is OK too and have more used stuff but do take some caution to check it over carefully. Their rating system is more than a little optimistic sometimes.

    Too see the flipside when at Adorama, hike on down the road to Cambridge Camera, one of the more infamous shops in NYC. These guys tried to tell me that the warranty on a (scrached taking lens) Rolleiflex I was looking at depended on how much I was willing to pay! UH HUH. Avoid guys like this and basically any Times Square type shops if you don't want to be ripped-off.
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    While Adorama is ok, IMO B&H is the better one between the two. For year when I lived near New York City, I used to go there monthly. Keep in mind that both of them observe Jewish holidays. For example, they are closed this week for Passover. A friend of mind has a pending mail order and is very unhappy that it is held up for 10 days. Please go to B&H's web site for their "Holiday Closing" link on the lower left side. Check before you visit.
  6. Only having experience with both through mail order, I prefer B&H. One thing to realize - both are closed Saturday but open Sunday. This is for normal business hours. As mentioned, they are closed until Wednesday next week for Passover. They also close for a week in the fall.
  7. B&H and Adorama both carry the full Nikon line although they are currently out of stock on the new D70 digital SLR.

    The two stores differ in style. B&H has a huge floor area and has one of everything on display. Adorama is a fairly small store and items that you want to see are brought to you from the storage area. B&H is frequently jammed with people, Adorama usually less so. At B&H, if you want to buy something, you are given a slip and you go to the cash area, where you pay for the item and pick it up, the item having been delivered to the cash area from the basement on a conveyor system.

    Before going to either of these stores, check to make sure that they are open. They are closed from Friday at 1:00 p.m. until Sunday morning and they observe Jewish religious holidays.

    At both stores, you will be offered an extended warranty. Without getting into the merits or otherwise of buying these warranties, you should decide before going whether you want one.

    If you go to Adorama, there are several other camera stores in the immediate vicinity (e.g. Calumet, Lens and Repro).
  8. For used manual Nikon stuff,I have always dealt with Camera Traders downtown in the photo district.(recently moved uptown,Im told).
  9. I would also suggest either B&H or Adorama. My personal preference is B&H partly because it is close to where I work. To me its like a candy store. I would go early in the morning or in the middle of the week. Fridays(they're only open til 2pm when you'll be there) and Sundays tend to be pretty crowded. If you can't find it at B&H there is a chance Adorama might have it.

    Have fun in the Big Apple
  10. Thank you for your helpful replies. I should be there only in a month or so, and would like to check with the stores for availability of the equipment that I have in mind before going over, so the info you all gave was very helpful indeed.


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