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  1. I've been hunting high and low on the internet for advice for photographers in
    planning a photo shoot.

    I want to ensure that it all runs smoothly and would love to know what sort of
    things need to go into the plan to ensure that very little goes wrong.

    The idea is to have a couple of raunchy type images in high fashion and some
    with a gothic feel to them. I also wanted images which would be quite innocent
    and enticing. They have to look friendly to the eye. I also wanted the history
    of the location to be shown

    The location is a ruin suituated in woodland. I've been there and found
    numerous places to take photographs from and numerous natural posing aids, such
    as fallen trees supported by stumps and other trees and parts of the ruin it
    self. The ruin has also become overgrown with ivy.

    This location is actually my back up location, I was intending to use a deralict
    asylum but sadly I've not heard anything from the owners of the asylum so can't
    do any photo's there. The intention was that the emotions possibly felt by the
    patients of the asylum would be brought out into the photographs.

    For this shoot I have two models, one female and one male, they already know
    each other so I don't think I have to worry too much about how they will work

    This will be the first time that I have worked on a full photo shoot the last
    time was about 4 years ago and that only lasted 5 mins and was panned by a pro
    photographer who hated giving people advice.

    Thanks in advance

  2. Pots your question on Fashion Only Forum

    or even Model Mayhem

    Im sure youll get some interesting if not helpful replies.

    Double check everything and backup everything.

    Depending on what your using

    Enough film fast and slow (light changes)
    Extra CF cards smaller sizes not 1 large
    Spare batteries for camera and flash.
    Back up camera back up flash.

    Keep checking model availablilty and
    have cover for no shows.
    Mua, stylist, assitant, helpers the more they have to
    think about the less you do work with a team even if theyre

    Get a weather forecast
    and know where youre going to go if the weather is bad.

    Have two bags or envelopes marked exposed dress #1 and dress #2 and palce film in them as soon as shot
    or know where your CF cards are and whats on them.
    If possible shoot raw and jpg

    Take many exposures of the outfits in the same poses in case you lose frames due to scratching or Cf card failure not on one giant 8GB CF card rather use a few smaller ones.

    Control the environment then photograph it (digital)or polaroid
    If it looks good place subject and control subject.

    use polaroid, with digital shoot a test series 12 exposures of the selected poses. Find the one that works. Then another 12 of that. Once youve nailed the required pose wipe the frames off of the card and shoot many many frames of the pose that was good with minute variations in face expression and body pose.Do that with each major posing clothing change.

    Dont develop film all at once do it in batches
    Download CF card to computer and to 2 discs.

    Edit ruthlessly

    No doubt therell be other things
    think like Harry Houdini the escapologist
    He left nothing to chance
  3. Take what you think you need, and then add some more to it.
  4. When I do a project I type it all down:<br>
    - Time and place<br>
    - photog, assistant, models<br>
    - purpose of shooting<br>
    - gears to be taken with (photog, assistant)<br>
    - props to take with<br>
    - things for models to remember<br>
    - 1st. Lighting (tentative pose list as thumbnails) and appr. timing for each idea (e.g. 30 mins standing, 20 mins sitting ,...)<br>
    - 2nd Lighting .....<p>
    I convert it to pdf and mail it to all participants. Yes, I have been accused of being too meticulous and systematic. A friend of mine who is a great photog just pretty much goes there with the gear and shoots with heart. Different horses for different courses. Isn't it great that we aren't all the same.
  5. Safety should be a consideration in "derelict" buildings- floors and stairs, not to mention squatters who might not appreciate your presence.
  6. Well, you said it: PLAN the shoot.
    Planning is the simple act of figuring out what you want to do, how you're going to do it, who's going to help you, and what do you need to make it as efficient as possible.
    One thing I noticed is you mention the models... Is that it for helpers? I hope not... If you really want a successful shoot, make sure you have a few assistants/helpers to provide the extra hands you'll find you need.
    Second, I noticed you didn't discuss light. Remember, photography is a latin word and what it means is "painting with light". If you haven't considered how you're going to light the image, and what that light will look like, you're wasting your time even going. I suggest bringing along lights, reflectors, and people to set them up, hold them, move them, etc.
    Here's a piece of advice for you. Rent a Sports Illustrated swimsuit DVD and look at the behind the scenes, how they do it stuff. Since the issue just came out, you can see shots on and - see all the helpers? That's what you need.
    Good luck!

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