Photo school in Delaware area?

Discussion in 'Education' started by alan_zinn, Jun 13, 2012.

  1. A friends' kid wants to major in photography. Dad sez, get a BA - can't do that in "Art" school. Kid has an expensive photo school picked out. Kid will live at home in Delaware.
    I haven't kept up with art and photography schools. Anybody have sage advice? I say go to photo school for a couple of years and then intern with someone.
  2. Anybody have sage advice?​
    Yes. Don't get mixed up in your friend's affairs.
  3. If the kid is cut out for the military, the Air Force will fly him around the world to take photos of aerial refueling, combat missions, etc. The school is just down the road at Fort Meade, Maryland, and while he's in the Air Force he can work on his degree in photography from the (fully accredited) Community College of the Air Force. All of his military schooling will provide credits toward the degree.
  4. As already suggested, avoid getting in the middle of someone else's problems, unless both parties want your 2 cents worth.

    However, if you must, you could mention that the University of Delaware has a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Visual Communications
    that has a photography component.
  5. Ben,
    I'm only passing on rather third-hand information not advising on a career path.
    I worked on my MFA at U of D while my wife was a visiting scholar there back in 90's It's a great place to be. When I was a kid I had my heart set on The Art Center School in CA. Nothing would deter me. Couldn't focus at all on academic work in a regular university. I went there for only a couple of years and was set for good job prospects thereafter.
    Got my MFA when son got his BA!
  6. I'm only passing on rather third-hand information not advising on a career path... ...I say go to photo school​
    Let's be clear, Alan isn't "advising" on a career path. He is merely offering guidance and recommendations on a career path. As long as some nugget came from someone else, there is no involvement in the situation at all. Its all third party. It wasn't like he posted any questions online seeking specific details about schools to provide to the father or anything.

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