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Discussion in 'Business of Photography' started by sunny_from_the_sunshine_state, Feb 17, 2015.

  1. I recently noticed an option on allowing users to sell their images. Just wanted to know how others feel about it and what the experience has been so far. I looked around but did not find any images marked for sale. I would like to try the option but not having done it previously would like to know the dos and donts. Thanks.
  2. To see all the images available, click on Store in menu bar at the top of each pn page and then click on *Canvas to see

    Photo Net is a place where photographers discuss their craft, not a place where people looking for prints are likely to
  3. So does it not carry any significance ? Is it just some sort of lip service to appease the subscribers?
  4. I marked some of mine under "buy option " but the images didn't show up under canvas tab. Just curious to known if any have been sold .
  5. Anis, I don't have any images for sale and have wondered myself if any of the images for sale do actually sell. I have no evidence but I got a feeling not many actually sell. Hope I'm wrong and look forward to anyone that sells images here to set me straight. lol
  6. I think you are right Ed . Hopefully it will pick up soon and give the site an added feature.

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