Photo recovery software for Ubuntu (linux)

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  1. Does anyone know of a GUI based photo/file recovery software for Ubuntu (linux)? I have found several command line based utilities but no GUI based ones. Due to some virus issues I want to shift our work computer from Windows to Ubuntu but we need software to recover images from corrupted flash memory cards.
  2. I've successfully used PhotoRec to recover friends corrupted memory cards. It's not a GUI, rather a TUI (menu driven) program.
    It has succeeded where several other programs have failed.
  3. You can install testdisk software in Ubuntu which I have used just now to restore two times formatted SD Card of some very nice family photos that I have recently taken.
    from console.
    sudo apt-get install testdisk
    once installed in console itself
    sudo photorec
    select the disk that you want to recover, then select the partition (most probably it will be the first one which is Intel), then select the whole disk option, then select the other option, then select the location that you want the file to be restored, then press y for recovery to start. Now have a coffee and wait for it will recover all you files.
    If recovered please donate to the guys at test disk if you have some money to spare for their hard work @
  4. With the help of the photo recovery application user can recover lost images, audio as well as video file formats and can recover the files back to their original or user-defined location in few simple clicks.

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