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  1. I'm looking for some recommendations for photo podcasts. Any suggestions? I'm specifically interested in
    nature/wildlife/macro techniques and natural history but a list of recommended podcasts covering a variety of subjects
    would be great.

    The only one I follow right now is The Image Doctors ( If you have not heard it, they cover a range of
    equipment and technique topics (focus on nikon gear) plus normally a feature on digital darkroom. They will also
    bring in guests to interview.

    Others? Thanks!
  2. Steve-my personal favourites are 'Martin Bailey Photography (Enhanced)' and 'The Candid Frame' both on iTunes. regards, cb
  3. I am especially fond of "TWIT Photo" with Catherine Hal and Leo Laportel, "This week in Photography" with Fredrick Van Johnson, and also "Faded and Blurred".
  4. 'Faded and Blurred' looks/sounds interesting and I am going to check it out! thanks! cb :)
  5. If you're interested in something more about the creative process instead of technique, the podcasts by Brooks Jensen over at Lenswork Magazine are very good.
  6. Thanks! I'll check them all out.

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