Photo Ops in Charlotte, NC?

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  1. Business is taking me to Charlotte, NC in a couple of weeks. I'm hoping to get a day or two to shoot some landscapes, but I am unfamiliar with the area from that perspective. Anyone have any suggestions?
  2. Rather early for the beautiful spring flowers. You might try some of the plantations which are advertised in every motel lobby. Take a minibus tour of the old city and decide where you want to walk for the photo follow-up. Lots of old buildings, parks, rice fields, shoreline, bridges etc. More architecture and street photography, and forts. Wonderful little alcoves where shops and restaurants hide.
  3. If you like architecture and its landscapes, the University is a great place. Very classic building styles, which I believe Jefferson had something to do with. The view down the courtyard has possibilities.
  4. One more.
  5. Take a run down Independance Blvd to Providence Rd. Go out Providence and you will find Providence Prebyterian Church and its cemetery which are on the Historic Register. My grandparents are buried there. Hang a left on Tilly Morris and there should be some more very old buildings, farm houses and such if the developers haven't razed them all. If you like architecture Charlotte has many old churches. It once boasted the highest density of churches per person in the nation. It's also home to many NASCAR teams as well as the Bob and Sheri and JohnBoy and Billy morning radio shows. Rick H.
  6. Bernhardt and Arthur are our city fathers' and mother's nightmare: they confused us again with Charleston SC and Charlottesville VA
    We don't really have much of unique interest, cityscapes okay, as Rick says some interesting churches here and there. Look up Latta Place Plantation historic site, Carolinas Raptor Center.
  7. I'll be passing through there on the way to visiting family in South Carolina and saw that we will be spending one night near the Whitewater Center.
    Seems like it has some possibilities. Heading west, you aren't too far from Asheville so the mountains in that area may offer some opportunities?
  8. Craig, we're two hours from Asheville, less of course from the mountains in general, but you can't just "pop over".
    I've gotten some pretty cool shots at the Whitewater Center, and they have a good restaurant out there.
  9. Two hours is about the same as Los Angeles to San Diego or Santa Barbara. Or from Sumter to Charleston to see Fort Sumter. That's easily day trip range.
  10. Craig, for more or less a full day, Asheville and that area would be a good trip
  11. Jack:
    Apologies to you and the good people of Charlotte. A remark to be expected of a Canadian!
    Is Charlotte far from Todd? Had a great vacation along the river and when perched in a mountain log cabin there, about ten years ago (when the Canadian dollar wasn't so whimpish!). Great people. Lots of Christmas trees grown there on big mountain side plantations (a lot of us here just go off into the bush with an axe in early December), making for interesting pictures if the light is right.

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