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  1. Once I sus out the rules...

    fuji pro1 10.jpg
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  2. Tony Parsons

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  3. Fair enough.

    I think Sam has created a space where people can discuss a photo if they want. Same as it ever was
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  4. The previous Photo of the Week was and, like the old one, the new one is a thread for one photo each week to be discussed.
    Each is satisfying to me in their own ways. Two different outlets.
    That depends on us.
    You betcha.
    I’m disappointed. I figured you would.
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  5. E6F07377-5811-4BDD-BF00-A99B35E14368.jpeg
    All well and good, but “a bald like,” as you say, and $2.50 won’t even get me on the subway these days. Cough up a pic why dontcha … via PM. Personal invite to all here. That’s the only way this works. We can’t hold management accountable for this one, as much fun as that is. :cool:
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    Allegory, a special type: paraprosdokian.

    Nicely constructed and presented.

    I do hope that its meaning is realized.

  7. [Take my wife ... please.]
    One never knows, but it's the chance one takes with humor, subtlety, satire and the like.

    There's also the chance of its meaning being realized and still not acted upon. There's probably a good word for that, too, though competing with paraprosdokian (say it three times fast), which is not even recognized by my spell checker, might be tough.

    Some alternatives, which I've also admittedly employed at times, are overtness, directness, rudeness and rants, which get attention and are often quite clear but just as often don't make the point because the attitude and not the substance become the issue.

    Anyway, a lot of my favorite photos have been ones that have crept up on me and sometimes even fooled me at first ... so, why not?

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