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  1. Well after some what catching up on my photography backlog by spending a very hot a humid Saturday behind a CRT rather than paddling I actually can participate in this weeks POW with fresh photos!
    First off is a testament that ANY tripod is better than no tripod. The first photo was taken with a Cullman 2100 (i think) which is about as rickety of a pod as you can get. It comes in at under 2lbs and is used by me for backpacking and hiking where I would not otherwise take a tripod. I can reverse the center column but the legs don't spread. Anyway, this was a 27 second exposure on the Cullman, and despite me choosing this one 90% of my shots were sharp using it.
    Happy Birthday America...Baseball and Fireworks!!!
    So here are my four for the 4th!
  2. Justin, You are an amazing photographer...
  3. Ok, here are some snap shots. Nothing great..I have not had time to go out and shoot. I have had to work ''sigh'' Ok, Those three small houses that are on stilts ready to fall off the side of the hill sell for about 2 million dollars....Here in L.A. They will build houses anyplace it seems....Ridiculous.. [​IMG] - what ever they where shooting must have been important to bring out the heavy guns... [​IMG] - a friend of mine hand feeding this ratt... [​IMG]
  4. This week I learned that spending 6+ hrs a day editing video means I don't get any fresh pics to post for POW. whoops! But ya'll are going to get an eyefull of weddings I guess, as I get caught up on their pp. I DID, however, get to go to Antiques Roadshow today. I didn't get to come away w/ any cool crowd shots, cause cameras are verboten past the waiting line to get into the real waiting lines. Oh well. I DID however, get to stand infront of a couple w/ some really really cool chairs.
  5. The family story is that these chairs were carved in tribute (or whatever) to pirates that died, and the carving actually shows the wounds they had, and the bullets that were supposed to have killed them. Apparently they went on down the generations of a family until they wound up in a tavern Stillwater, OK & now the set of 12 has been split between 2 sides of the family after the guy's grandpa took the chairs as a debt payment.
  6. Sorry for the couple - we won't be seeing them on tv. Apparently his grandpa is one good story-teller. They're not the several hundred year old chairs that he claimed. They're not even 200 yrs old. They're just funny chairs from the 19th C. who's carver had a sense of humor. Most chairs like this are saints or gods. They were still the hit of the waiting line, even if they weren't the hit of the show!
  7. Well, I'm tossing in 1 more, just to show you Mr Angry Eye's chair. And shoot, now I'm dissappointed w/ myself for being too tired & too lazy to do a little pp on the other 3 shots. Note his mustache. It's striking me as funny right now. maybe it's the need for sleep.
  8. @ Justin - the fireworks couldn't be more perfect!
    @ Javie - I once knew an old lady that lost a finger feeding a 'ratt' like that!
    I can tell Maria has been watching too much "Hogan's Heros" while 'editing video.' I don't know how many times I heard the word 'verboten' while posting lenses on eBay this weekend.
    Here are a few fun ones from the 4th myself.
    Baseline: Sober


    He's just toasted 28 individual tables, and now has an attitude...


    She's still sober!

  9. Well, that's it. I want a total do-over. mebbe Doug'll just delete my first 3 posts so I don't wind up posting 8 pics? I just finished upping the contrast (all the way) and the saturation a little on my "angry eyes" and now he looks really really mean. And I don't like the full view pic of him I chose to post now, either. sheesh. I'm give up. I'm going to bed.
  10. Beautiful fireworks Justin. It's been a long time since I've seen a photo of pyrotechnics that I like. I really like that one. Good job! Here's a couple from a hike with my dogs. I'm working on trying (key word) to get interesting shots with a lot of clutter in the way (ie. trees). Both taken with my K10d 16-45mm and B+W polariser.
  11. And the last.
  12. Justin: Great start.. That is an impressive fireworks shot.. especially with the background getting such perfect exposure too. Nice!! The baseball shots are really good action shots. I think my favorite is the first one.. but the others ain't too shabby either :).
    Javier : 2 Mil ? they must be crazy.. you get a heavy rainstorm, and either they wash out.. or the houses on top of them land on their roof.. sheesh!
    Ok Maria: those chairs are pretty nifty things, even if they aren't centuries old.. I like your last shot best actually :)
    Matt: that's pretty nice the last two shots and the captions.. I am sure they'll appreciate them for years to come.
    Scott: that's a pretty good one of the lagoon. Looks sharp at the corners too.. my 16-45 isn't quite that sharp at the edges.. probably should have it looked at.
    Not a big week for photos here.. a couple from around the corner
  13. Neighbor's dog
  14. The bane of my existence.. trying to get good shots of black poodles. I'll be joining masochists anonymous when I get done..
  15. Even the pictures hang up before posting .. lol
  16. Few shots taken with my DA 50-200 f/4.0-5.6. I sold the lens 2 months and bought it back used. I don't know what I am doing, I missed this lens for a reason. I used it to take pictures of my boys taking swimming lessons.



  17. Hin, you always get such great photos of your kids.
  18. I almost forgot.. the obligatory food photo!
  19. Since we need a duck or swan every week, here is mine :)
  20. Music makes the world go round
  21. Justin - awesome photos. Did you superimpose the fireworks over that night scene? It is about darn near perfect! Javier - great squirrel capture. High speed capture mode or single shot? Maria - LOL, that chair cracks me up. Matthew - I really like the lighting and the "attitude" you captured on the wedding pics. Scot -The landscapes are wild! Almost surreal in their presentation. These are from our planet right? Haig - The composition and colors on your flower shot really caught my eye! Hin - Your kids expressions are really cool... great captures. Ok - here's mine from this week. My wifes favorite flowering plant. I haven't a clue what it is...
  22. The happy peacock family (Joseph and Mara)
  23. Joseph and Mara and mini peacocks
  24. The details on your shots are awsome Markus.
  25. Justin, that is one of the best fireworks shots I have ever seen. Great capture! Well, I borrowed my daughter's sigma 105 macro this week and shot macro for the first time. It was fun, it opens up a whole new world of photography. Here are three, all shot two days ago.
  26. Justin

    Love the exposure of your firework shot. Spot on. I have not done any firework shots for sometimes. You gave a great pointer.


    <img src="">


    Daniel, Toronto
  27. bee at work
  28. I am not sure how Justin's fireworks shot slip in here but here's my third one.
  29. Ooooooh: Justin's play at the plate, Maria's chairs, Javier's disaster-in-waiting, Scot's lagoon, Markus's swan, Doug's Mom's hibiscus, Haig's yard, Daniel's fireworks and Roberts firework flowers. I'll start with something weird inspired by Mis & O Shiva
  30. Then something summery
  31. And finally a dragon fly (taken with the Sigma 24-60 because it was what I had on the camera.)
  32. My efforts looks so - ordinary - in comparison! Oh well, I am a beginner.
    I purchased a DA* 50-135 this week, and these shots at a party are my first outing with it. The weather was dull and drizzly, the lighting real poor. It was a wake to celebrate the passing of a friend a while ago. Any excuse for a party in these parts!
    Here are some candids from the event, all shot with a K10.

    50-135 800 iso

    50-135 800 iso

    Tamron 90 1600 iso, light fading fast! Pity the highlights are blown.

    I like the 50-135...
  33. We're off to the Columbus Zoo. If we don't get rained out, I might use Markus' inspiration to get some interesting animal shots.
  34. Great stuff everyone.
    Justin, I think it is not just the fireworks but the greatly lit foreground that does it! I personally love your 2nd baseball shot. The light contrast, the expression on his face, and the frozen action of dropping the bag of powder.
    Javier, next time get a larger animal, and program it to charge the photogs suddenly and chase them off. You can then pick through what they leave lying around!
    Maria, nice chair. I like the last one. PP helps a lot.
    Matt, those shots are going to be pulled out and shown for a long time to come! Great!
    Scott, Dogtreemoon is a keeper.
    Haig, nice flower! The compositional slant of everything makes it really interesting.
    Hin, great shots. I also love my 50-200!
    Markus - "Music makes the world go round" is really eye catching.
    Doug, can't help with the flower id, but it looks great.
    Robert, your first macro really rocks! The colors and definition are great.
    Dave - those wineberries look good enough to drink!
    Ian, you've got those portraits down well! Keep them coming!
    OK, time for me to post some. I have already posted some pics this week in my thread about temporarily ending my brief foray into film, but here are some more from Saturday evening. Unfortunately I had consumed a fair amount of "happy juice" (Dewars is so smooth!), and the focus is not as sharp I would like. But the cuteness factor rocks! Friend's kids.
    Tyra asking for something more to drink:
    Jordan smiling:
    Jordan looking up:
    Jordan playing ball - note the focus - he is going to be a rugby player one day!
    Top that for cute anyone!
  35. Thanks again to all who responded to my earlier concern about exposure. This one turned out fairly good.
  36. Thanks for the comments everyone.


    I didn't superimpose the shots. These are just single exposures.

    Fireworks are really easy.

    Tripod, cable release, and proper DOF. you can even leave the shutter open indefinitely if you have some black cardboard to put in front of the lens.

    What I did was figured out my aperture for the background and the ISO I needed for 30 second exposures. Then I adjusted for 10-45 seconds. The goal was to get a short but nice burst of fireworks over the church.

    Some of the longer exposures happened when there was a furious burst of fireworks, killing the shot. This one I had the shutter on bulb and I turned it off when the burst I wanted happened.

    Gary, yeah my wife loves that shot too. I noticed he went to the rosyn bag the out before, and i thought, cool shot. But I missed it. This time I just caught him!! Focus is a bit off, but yeah, with kids you can get away with soft shots!! I'm disappointed though Gary we've come to expect more from you!!

    Rob love the macros. Nice DOF, they look like fireworks!! \

    Markus, as always nice way to capture the scene within a scene. Love your detail shots.

    Maria, that chair cracks me up. Glad to see I'm not the only one behind on PP.

    Scot, those mountains in the background of the first one look inviting, but I like the second one even more for some reason.

    Javier, I got bit (barely, didn't break the skin thankfully) by a squirel like that one time. Never again!!! And those houses blow my mind. It's like the houses on the east coast beaches where people seem shocked are destroyed by hurricanes.

    Common sense message: If you build your house on the beach or base/side of a mountain, don't cry about how it's gone. When you look at all the rocks at the base of a mountain take a long thought how they got there....hint gravity and weather...hint, eventually your house will be covered in rocks, mud, or simply fall!!

    Bruce, not bad, but it seems a little flat. Might want to up the contrast a bit.

    Ian, Nice portraits.

    Matt, like the wedding shots, but I also like your nicely added watermark. Not the usual dead center we've become accustomed to. Allows us to enjoy the images.

    Hin, you do seem to get great shots of the kids...those are some cool he wearing a wet suit?

    Haig, the macro is cool but seems just a bit flat on my monitor, I love the dog portrait!
  37. Aah Justin. Cruel words, but I guess cuteness isn't going to carry the day! My excuse:

    The Springboks had just beaten the All Blacks in New Zealand for the first time in 10 years, and in Carisbrook - a stadium they have only lost 4 matches at in their nearly century long tradition of rugby! Aah the joy. The whiskey flowed, and in my hoarse, benevolent joy, the little ones looked so cute, snap, snap. I rest my case!
  38. Bruce, the vase looks cool when exposed well! Good job.
  39. Went to a Native American pow-wow yesterday at the local fairgrounds.
  40. Wonderful eye candy everywhere!
  41. All of these with K10D and Sigma 70-300 APO
  42. Not hard to find good images...
  43. My youngest does his best Iriquois imitation.
  44. Ian, from one beginner to another, your portraits are very nice. Keep up the good work. I just keep trying to remember that
    the rest of these photographers on this site were beginners too once!
  45. Justin, starting the POW thread in the wee hours of the night just isn't fair to us lazy bums. I went to bed at 4:00 editing my concert photos, and I've only finished one of the bands! One more to go... It's sad, but I have to go to work, so I'll be commenting on individual photos at a future, unspecified date. I will say that Justin has put all us July 4 fireworks shooters to shame; what a shot! And I also have a question for Javier: Where do you find these people????? You must have a huge collection of photos of Asian tourists carrying 10lb lenses! I guess it's these guys keeping Canikon alive :) No time to upload pics and link to them, so there'll be 3 posts from me. First off, proof that I DO NOT work with Garry. Here's an impromptu shot of a friend and co-worker, taken with a Pentax-M 75-150mm f/4 (what a neat little lens).
  46. We've been having lots of storms around here lately. This one caught me on my way back from work, and I thought that if I was going to get rained on, I would at least get a photo out of it :) I decided to give it a bit of an O Shiva vibe...
  47. And lastly, a pic from the concert. First time shooting live music, so I was flying by the seat of my pants. The FA 50mm behaved admirably, I must say; it even focused correctly in near-darkness. I'll be starting a separate thread for theses photos once I finish the second band, but here's one of the cellists rocking out. They played 70's rock on cellos...way cool, let me tell you :) (Click through for a larger version.)

    Seeing as they're only 400 pixels across, can I post two? Yeah? Great. Thanks!

    Susanna (yeah, with 2 bows!)
  48. Went to the great northwoods with girls in tow. A few nice shots of lake fun.
  49. Another
  50. Evening
  51. Bruce's gooseberries look great... I haven't had a gooesberry pie in years. It is not hopeless for me though, last week I had a tree full of cherries to pick. The wine is bubbling now ;0P
  52. Over the Fourth of July I had the opportunity to attend the National Teachers Association convention in Washington DC. I did manage to escape the city madness long enough for an emotionally moving stroll through Arlington National Cemetery.
  53. Bruce: how much would I have to beg whine & plead for a goosberry pie to be sent down this way? My grandpa's garden
    had to be let go to the wild a long time ago.. and the funny thing is, it's the asparagus, blackberries, and goosberries I miss
    the most.... (ps, good picture & very summery)
  54. Wow! Lots of responses so far! So many great personal favs are Markus' swan and Robert's bee... My family and I have returned from our trip to Arizona, and I took these in honor of Haig. I was a dork and forgot to turn my ISO down and shot at 3200...what an idiot! That is something I have GOT to learn to check for before I shoot anything!
    This is the sunset picture that I took the evening before (reason I bumped my ISO up in the first place).
    Justin, I hope someday I can shoot fireworks pictures like you did...what do you mean by using a piece of black cardboard in front of the glass? Lisa
  55. "I was a dork and forgot to turn my ISO down and shot at 3200...what an idiot!"

    Welcome to the the club!
  56. Amazing fireworks shot Justin. I have a Manfrotto 144B tripod but find it unsuitable for long hikes. You've made a very good point - I'll start looking for a light tripod next week. Thanks. Javier - neat squirrel pic. Interesting chair Maria. Fun couple candids Matthew. Scott, the Lagoon photo is terrific - where was it taken? Haig, I liked the flowers but love the first dog pic. Hin, when it comes to capturing fun images of kids - you are the man - well done. Markus, Doug, Robert, Dave, Ian, Garry, Bruce, Dave, Nick and Alisa - great shots by all. Abe - the first nations shots are superb. I keep viewing them again and again. As a member of the Qualipu Mi'kmaq First Nation Band, I can tell you that it is rare to see anyone capture Native American culture so well - kudos and thank you for sharing. Here are a few I shot earlier today...
  57. Here's my attempt at a Dragonfly shot....
  58. Some local wildlife...
  59. More local wildlife....
  60. The pitcher plant is wonderful, Duane! Also, the hare--I got a intensely boring shot of a rabbit on a mowed lawn a couple of weeks ago but this is something else entirely!
  61. Ooops...I forgot Mis. Sorry. Outstanding B/W photo contributions as always. Cheers.
  62. Again, what a show. This inspires me.

    Justin - the fireworks shot is patience and location scouting rewarded.

    Javier - I remember houses sliding downhill after heavy rains during my first area visit in 1969. Nothing learned.

    Maria - sorry, gooseberries are gone. Those chairs are weird. "Sit down and relax, friend." Right.

    Doug - I believe the flower is a hibiscus. I posted a shot last week. However, this one is more "tumescent".

    Robert - your macro could be mistaken for a stupendous fireworks shot.

    David and Duane - how do you get the dragonflies to sit still long enough to shoot? Early morning?

    Gary - such charming and photogenic children.
  63. Bruce, Good guess--it was about 9:30am. Until your comment, I had been mystified: about a week before, I had found it difficult to get close enough for the long end of the 70-210mm so I was surprised that this bug let me get so close (maybe 2 feet). The first attempt was in the afternoon.
  64. Hi Bruce. Not early morning in my case - the image was captured around noon. My secret is location. I took all of today's photos in the Salmonier River area. This wilderness area is surrounded by ponds and marshes with streams criss crossing everywhere. There are literally hundreds of Dragonflies but many more mosquitoes. The DA 50-200mm lets you get fairly close.
  65. Mis, your cellist shots are great.
    Nick, the "Peir" shot is my favorite.
    Duane, love the snowshoe hare.
    And now, as I'm at work on a Monday morning, and various colleageus are looking at my photo of the week participation, I have decided to step up to the plate and prove that Mis is right, his boss can certainly learn something - here is my rule breaking 5th photo, and not particualrly stunning in technique and and lighting, but the content makes up for it!
    Two colleagues.
  66. "I have decided to step up to the plate and prove that Mis is right, his boss can certainly learn something"

    We have similar chairs where I work...

  67. I have the same chair too, in my home office. Problem is I'm missing the pretty assistants.

    Can you buy them at the office supply store? Maybe my chair was supposed to come with one. Geeze, I could use a pretty assistant. It would make my wifes life a whole lot easier!!

    Bringing my chair back ASAP tomorrow and going with the model with the included assistant.
  68. Man - I got the cushy executive chair for my (in-home) office, and it didn't come w/ an assistant, cute or otherwise! No
    wonder I such a killer deal on the chair!
  69. A couple of shots to share from Saturday the 12th from a little canoe trip down the Brazos. Nothing too special other than these are probably the last shots from k10d and the DA-18-250. I've been kayaking for five years and never unemotionally flipped my boat. But car topping it down was going to be a hassle and the others were renting canoes for this run. I got buddied with a ranter inexperience person and well lets just say the dry bag did not stay that dry and the k10d weather seals are not that great. I have a fried k10d and a soaked 18-250. Will ship them off to Pentax this week and see what they say. Guess I'll be hanging on to my k100d for a while longer as a backup to the new k20d. Still it was an expensive weekend. On the lighter side Bogan had a great trip, loves the water, looking forward to when he's big enough for a little hiking. Love the shots this weeks guys: Justin one of the best fireworks shots I've seen ever, very nice. Matthew, fun, fun wedding shots, I love working with playful couples. Scott beautiful landscapes. Haig, love the flowers Markus, the accordion, interesting shot: took me a minute to figure that one out. Robert & David the macros do make a good compliment to Justin's Fireworks. Great shots one and all... need to wrap this up. /Roger
  70. And finally the last shot taken with my k10d and 18-250 prior to the dunking... Will see what Pentax has to say about the repair.
  71. Here in Taiwan, the chairs are priced in a few catagories:

    1. Chair only - cheap.

    2. Chair that has been broken in by assistant - fairly cheaply priced.

    3. Chair that has been broken in by beautiful assistant - medium pricing.

    4. Chair packaged with assistant - fairly expensive.

    5. Chair packaged with beautiful assistant - expensive.

    6. Chair packaged with Garry's assistant - unbelievably expensive - I have yet to sell one!
  72. Roger - sad news! But happy to see Bogan out and about!
  73. Maria wrote: "I got the cushy executive chair for my (in-home) office, and it didn't come w/ an assistant, cute or otherwise!"

    Isn't that what your intern is for?

    Roger, sorry to hear of your loss! "Weather-sealed" is not equal to "submersible", as you've found out. Maybe if you'd had a weather-sealed lens attached to it... Well, this sounds like a great opportunity to buy a K20D :)
  74. These five photos were taken on my way up to the Lake/at the Lake on Friday night. All shots were taken with my Tokina AT-X PRO 28-70mm. Hope you enjoy. Comments/suggestions as usual are more than welcome.
  75. ᄀHola de México! (more to come from this trip when i return, but here's one for now on one of the few nights i'll actually have my macbook fired up).
  76. Here is another Sunset Shot
  77. Here is a picture of the clouds before the sunset
  78. wow. pnet slaughtered the spanish text there... lemme try again: �Hola de Mexico!
  79. Here are a couple of an old barn I found. this has real potential for a return trip.
  80. Another shot of the barn
  81. Sorry Gang, it appears that I sharpend them twice in photoshop. I changed sizes and sharpend each time I changed. They really do look better than posted.
  82. Well Michael, I think the barn shots look pretty good to me! I love old barns, so they caught my eye right away!

    Roger, so happy to see Bogan! How did he like the boat! Sorry to hear about the camera...keeping a positive thought for you in regards to your news from Pentax!
  83. Duane: Thanks for the comments! I took over 300 shots at the pow-wow, and kept over 50% (clearly, I think too highly of my skills...). I saw some amazing sights, and it was torture to limit my postings for the POW(-wow?) thread.

  84. Wow so many great shots!

    I thought I had a decent shot of my friend and her dog, but the dof made Sadie the dog look a little demonized :-D



    A few others in case you want to decide if I should have posted them instead... :)
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  85. Roger,

    not sure what your homeowners or renters policy covers, and not sure what your credit card covers but the camea might be insured in some way.

    I'd check with both and see if it's worth filing a claim. With the credit card you probably won't have a deductible, with the homeowners you probably will making the value you get probably not much. Although if they do replacement value, with the K10D out of production they'd probably have to give you over $1000 + the lens, so maybe it would be worth it even with a $500 deductible.
  86. Really sorry about your camera Roger--ouch! I'll take barn 1, Michael. Your friend is certainly worthy of an office chair, Todd, and your other friend with the clock is just a killer shot.
  87. Thanks Dave! The two friends you mentioned are actually maritally related.. Would she still get the job?

    I meant to write condolences to Roger on the sunken camera earlier but was in a rush. Good ideas there Justin. We would all sure like to see some pain relief for Roger.
  88. Wow, I had forgot to hit the ole notify me button. It is great to see this many folks with such quality shots...
    To hard to pick a favorite, but Justins fireworks shot needs to be framed and stuck in the wall at the White House...Amazing image...
  89. Geesh Todd! All of them are great. Those flowers really pop.
  90. Where to start :) ? I guess with condolences to Roger.. You can always replace a camera.. and you never know, if
    you can get an insurance claim, it might work out for you to get a K20d. Bogan is looking very cute and has that
    look.. "Dude, you sure you want to take that stuff out in the boat?"<br>
    Markus love the instruments.. always beautiful work your photos <br> Robert, those are great macros.. you need to
    buy one or borrow this one permanently! 1 and 3 awesome!!! <br> Dave, the resting dragonfly is really pretty. Do you
    hypnotise them first so they sit still? <br> Ian, Great portraits.. something that I do badly, so I'm always envious :)
    <br> Bruce, we had already posted a food item for the week.. just kidding :) Nice vase.. glad you nailed it finally
    <br> Gary those rugrats are cute, but office furniture populated by assistants is the way to go if I am reading this
    forum right... I'll add my vote as well to the latter :) <br> Abe, Interesting photos.. all good, love the grin on Lewis'
    face.. <br> Mis, Valiant effort.. but I am not sure how many chairs you would sell with your assistants in them..
    pretty impressive cellist photos! <br> Nick, those lake photos are great.. so serene and relaxing. <br> Dave R, more
    food yum! those cherries look great. <br> Alisa, that's so sweet of you.. anytime you swing by Phoenix let me
    know.. always happy to see fellow photographers. And I think they came out great, iso notwithstanding. <br>
    Duane, I love the first three shots.. the hare is in such a beautiful setting.<br> Michael, those clouds sure make that
    a great sunset.. The old barn is pretty. <br> Adam, did you get enough to drink? Would not want you getting
    dehydrated in that hot sun! <br> Todd, that's a great set of pictures.. especially like the white roses.. your friend with
    the clock is superb.. and so is the young lady and the demonic dog :) lol.
  91. well, i'll join in with Haig at posting the obligatory food pics.
  92. ditto Javier's remark. I eyeballed a bunch of fireworks shots on July 5th, and Justins photo takes the cake.. <|8-D
  93. Guys thanks for the kind words regarding my dead k10d. I really can't blame anyone but myself. Should not have taken it after I got paired with a inexperienced person in a canoe. But I've taken an slr many a time in a kayak and thought the dry bag was better sealed. Oh well stuff can be replaced, good suggestions on the home owners insurance, but my deductible is too high to warrant a claim for this one. I have a $1K deductible and paid about $600 for the k10d and $430 for the 18-250. I don't think my credit card will help, but will look into it.

    I'm going to ship both camera and lens off to Pentax with receipts for about $7K of Pentax gear purchased in the last year along with a nice letter asking if they will consider a warranty or partial warranty repair for a new loyal Pentaxian who is dedicated to the system. Hey it can't hurt. The 18-250 should not be that big of a deal, but I've no idea what a redo on a k10d costs. If it's more than about $350 or $400 I probably won't fix it.

    On the lighter side I seem to have my posting film canister back again... :)
  94. Roger, A nice letter like that will go a long way. I did that with a Sigma Lens that was way out of warranty and when I explained to sigma that I am good loyal customer who has spent an years worth of tuition at USC with them, they took care of my lens under warranty..
  95. It's interesting to begin to be able to recognise some people's styles... Will be interesting to see how they develop, too...

    Justin, you've clearly got this picture taking lark sorted, mate... Impressive stuff, and a damn good advertisement for Pentax picture quality, too. Pentax should be paying you for your efforts on here, methinks... I really like the moody colours and curls of Dave's leaf... Nice one. And Todd's demonized dog is appealingly disturbing...

    I'm not so keen on Maria's chair pics, TBH, but neither is she it seems, so OK, I don't feel so bad about it... :) Anyway, we all know these POW shots aren't always representative of people's best pics, and I'd much rather see people post photos than not... The more we post, the more we learn, I think, even if we post stuff that we're not even all that keen on ourselves.

    Personally, I find it quite difficult to judge other people's pics because we're all at different stages in our photographic development, and often have very different tastes... Some of these pics remind me of my own stuff from a couple of years ago, when I began re-learning with digital. I'm not sure if my stuff is any better now, but I'm beginning to learn what I want to do - not just how to - and that's been a big step for me.

    Anyway, cheers, and keep snapping.
  96. Perfect lighting conditions for closeups (cloudy bright) on my day off yesterday. [​IMG] K10D / Tamron AF70-300mm Di
  97. Damn Rod...Javier (and son) might have met their match for dragon fly shots!! Nice work!!

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