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  1. Each Monday there will be “Photo of the Week” started in this forum.

    There will be one photo posted each week to kick off a discussion. This is not a contest; all members are invited to comment on any aspect of the photo. It can be a critique or just a reaction or response or riff. It can be as few or as many words as you like.

    If you want a photo of yours to appear, please send me (samstevens) a link or an inline image, via Private Message, of one photo that you would like to submit. Title your photo if you want it to have one. Submissions will be accepted continuously. There's no deadline. If you miss this week, you'll be put in the pool for the coming weeks. Each week a new photo will be selected from those submitted. Your submission implies permission to post your photo.

    The selection is not based on genre, judgment of quality, when the photo was taken, processed, or submitted or any other standard, other than random selection.

    Photos will be posted anonymously. If photographers want to reveal their identity they can in a comment.

    Thanks. I'm looking forward to this being a worthwhile experience for all of us.
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