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  1. Nothing special this week for me ! Just some typical practice shots in the neighbors garden.
  2. Another shot - macro this time
  3. Forgot the name of these beauties - bad memory
  4. OK, I've got a couple. My parents (mostly) dalmatian is suffering from kidney failure. My girls love to walk with him and their opportunities to do so are running short. The sun was out for a few minutes early this afternoon, so I grabbed a few shots...
  5. I had a really creative week designing a birthday announcing card for a client and taking some unusal Zurich and "Swissness" photographs of my own taste :)
  6. Howdy, folks. This week I have tugboat posing for tourists and two spring ephemerals.
    First, the little tugboat that can't anymore. DA 16-45mm.
    Spring Beauty. These tiny little flowers grow from corms underground and open for about three days. If you're like me and like to put things in your mouth that you find in the forest while hiking, the corms can be skinned like little potatoes and eaten. They taste like sweetened chestnuts. Tamron Apdatall 90mm F2.8. Crop.
    Dutrchman's Breeches. Toxic, do not eat. DA 35mm. Crop.
  7. one of the oldest cinemas in Zurich
  8. Childhood dreams
  9. These are my pictures of the week. The San Bernardino mountains in California, viewed from the small town of Wrightwood.
  10. This is my first picture.
  11. This is my second.
  12. Nice start with those tulips Subho!
    Here in Phoenix the ocotillo plants are all blooming with beautiful orange and red flowers
  13. My favorite model :)
  14. Sulphur crested cockatoo at a national park in Sydney
  15. Well, it has been so long since I posted that I am going to post more than 3 forgive me please!! And I will post fairly small :)
    I went up into the hills with a few friends. Here are some of the shots. All with K20D, FA 43mm Limited or F100mm Macro:
  16. That's quite a re-entry, Garry! Subho, I like the tulip shot best. And Haig, that is a beautiful shot of your daughter.
    Here are my three. The first one from yesterday, the other two from last Sunday.
  17. And number two:
  18. And the last:
  19. Thanks Robert.. I wish she was! (she's a friend's granddaughter).. meanwhile you have another stunner.. the horse in the pasture. Not that I would pass by the other two :).
    Garry, that's quite the return my friend! As far as photos, I like how #2 and #4 turned out best, but I'm glad you posted a shot of Belle :).
  20. Last week I took a "skunking" fishing so I posted a skunk cabbage. Early May and the Fiddleheads start to pop along the streams. [​IMG] I did fish also... [​IMG] And, blame it on Haig, he told me to post a fish pic every week. I won't do that, but an occassional fish, especially if it is a nice one or nice shot.... [​IMG]
  21. If I have to call, it would be Roberts' horse, ofcourse ! A fascinating and beautiful image.
    I haven't done anything except postprocessing hundreds of Egypt pics. And still not finished....
    I added some felucca 's in an album at
    Here's just a few from my past week's labour
  22. [​IMG]
    TRM, Black Coffee Magic
  23. Nice pix everyone!!! hehe flowers flowers flowers... and guess what! I got flowers too! I guess nothing has been going flowers for this week!
  24. And the last azalea of the week for me... =P
  25. Here is a picture of my daughter from yesterday.
    It was taken with a k20d and an old vivitar 135mm f2.8 macro lens in RAW.
    I used Picasa to view the .PEF, then clicked on the "I'm feeling lucky" button, and just resized the picture using Photoshop CS2. More could be done to it, maybe some contrast, but still.
  26. As usual our local Swedish Hot Rod Association had their May 1:t Car Show.... And this VW Bus was my favorite #1
  27. An this Camaro was my favorite #2....
  28. Subho and Leo - Beautiful flowers- you really caught them.
    Yvon - Pictures like that cause me to breathe more deeply - I can feel the clean air even from here in NYC.
    Haig - I will assume you didn't take these all in one week (Phoenix and Sydney) ;-). Your favorite model has a real camera presence - probably a great kid.
    Garry - Nice portraits - 1, 2, 4, 5 my faves for soft light.
    Robert - 1 and three are great - really dramatic.
    Dorus - Your 1st pic keeps getting hung up - it won't load completely. The photos look stippled, like pencil drawings. Interesting.
    Jemal - Beautiful portrait. The colors and expression are perfect.
    Here are my submissions
  29. I'll post comments an all the work here later, it is great to see the new directions folks are heading into.
    My first picture was actually taken in February of last year, but I'm posting it to honor the print's purchaser at a charity auction last night. The shot is of a location on the south part of the island.
    East Passage
    K10D, DA 12-24 @ 15mm, f9.5@ 1/1000, ISO 200
    Two more from my Tacoma industrial trip last Sunday:
    Tacoma Warehouses
    K20D, DA 12-24mm @ 24mm, f8@1/500, ISO 200
    K20D, DA 70mm Ltd, f8@1/250 ISO 200
  30. Wow, what a tangle! Next time, I'm going to post pics first and comments later. Both the tulip and and cactus are from Wave Hill (a public garden). I assume the labels are obvious..
  31. At work on the upper Mississippi river with K10D, 300 super tak+sigma 1.4x tc and broomhandle monopod
  32. pelicans
  33. great blue heron
  34. single pelican
  35. Nice work all! I especially like Bob's 3rd shot, the colors are amazing there. And Matt, that's a very sweet photo of your daughter and the dog.
    It was my daughter Eliza's 5th birthday Friday, and she was willing to pose in a sweet way for a change, rather than her usual goofy faces.
  36. From my parents she got a toy tennis racket set. Watch out world!
  37. This past week was the "Second Annual April trip to Death Valley". [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  38. Second try[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  39. Following Javier's lead in posting unsettling photos of bizarre rituals, here are some shots from Clara's 13th birthday party.
  40. As I hope is apparent, I was more interested in exploring the event photographically than recording it for posterity.
  41. I did take pains to get a good shot of the high priest (known as "The "D.J.") who, underneath the ceremonial regalia, strongly resembles Clara's big brother.
  42. Dave, for future reference.. I've heard rumors that it's safer for adults to be out of the house when these arcane rituals are taking place.. We do appreciate your self sacrifice tho to bring us photographic evidence..
  43. I will post comments tomorrow. Here are mine for the week.
    Pelican in flight. (K2000, DA L 200)
    Reflection (K2000 DA L 55)
    Reflection from under a bridge, looks like roman numeral 20 (K2000 DA L 55)
  44. Great photos this week.
    Robert, I LOVE your pics this week, especially. I've decided that your horse photo deserves my home background pic for the week. :)
    Haig, the picture of the little girl is a real charmer. :) I'd wondered if she was yours. I can understand why she's your favorite model.
    Nick, your daughter is growing up so fast! I could swear we were looking at baby pictures only last summer.
    Matt, I like the picture of your daughter and her walk with the dog. But I have to say the second shot seems a very strange angle. From above and with slanted horizon - very wacked. :)
    I didn't take any pictures this week. I've been working on preparing the front yard/porch for the summer season. I've been buying and potting plants and getting my hands dirty, but loving the results. And will love them even more when the flowers emerge.
    I love gardens, but have never had much luck with potted plants. I hope I learn how Not to drown them. (I don't have a green thumb.)
  45. Wow...My three favs so far are .........
    Leo's tug boat that can't anylonger...Splended capture!
    Roberts Horse capture is splendid in everyway....
    Haigs portrait of his friends Grand daughter does not get any better...
    Sheeesh, what amazing stuff
  46. Sheeesh, what amazing stuff​
    Unfortunately, I lost my connection while trying to comment earier and don't have time for much commentary now so I'll just hit a few favorites:
    Subho's trio- Lovely color and tone
    Leo's tug- great scene
    Yvon's second-beautifully done
    Haig's model (OMG!)
    Garry's #2, too.
    Robert's horse & clouds--very nice!
    Bob's fiddlehead
    Akadiy's B&W azalea excellent
    Christos daughter (despite the blown highlight lovely)
    ME's tangle
    Robert B's heron (maybe a bit dark?)
    Nick's Eliza
  47. Dorus - forget what I said about your picture hanging up (is that a pun?). It seems my DSL line is down to 27K download speed. Verizon is checking on it.
  48. Some nice flowers this week!
    I just got around to processing these images this past week.
    This first image makes me think of what those guys with lenses 3 feet long and 16" in diamater are seeing through their viewfinder! This bird was fishing and let me get quite close with the Tamron 75-300mm & Tamron 1.4x teleconverter.
  49. When the sun got too harsh for birds, I started looking for flowers. I have no idea what flower it is, but it grew on a plant that resembled a pineapple!
  50. This last picture is the first HDR image that I've tried with success.
  51. 3 from me. First one is from earlier in the week, downtown St. Paul, MN, along the Mississippi River. #2 and 3 from today, farm country southern MN while motorcycle touring.
  52. Some shots I took tonight at sunset in the Columbia River Gorge
  53. Another at Crown Point
  54. Well, some of you have seen this location in the snow. We got a lucky break in clouds today & ran down to Oxford, KS & the old mill there. There were some pretty clouds, and nice light. I hopped out of the car w/ the FA100mm macro and wished I also had a zoom, but frankly I wasn't going to haul myself back up the stairs to the car, and then back down to the mill (get over it, I'm very pregnant and lazy). I suggested Matt take something wider and go down there & shoot the gears. I think we'll see his next week.
    I should be asleep, so I'll comment tomorrow - I'm liking this week's stuff.
    ROSE!!! Been a while!! Good to see you!
    First - a screen door I almost gave up on, and put the camera in bracket mode. It was a challenge to me... keep details in the white paint w/o losing detail in the metals. Trickier than I thought it should be and a lesson to remember, too.
  55. #2 - The coffee can. I really really really wanted to up the contrast, but then the heavy dust layer disappears, which ruins a lot of the feel of the shot. This window wasn't broken over a year ago when we 1st visited - so we got to get some interesting peeks.
  56. Many great shots this week.
    I have more amateur modeling shots. This is Cassie and Megan. Around Kansas City, Missouri.
  57. Last, and I think my favorite just because of the lighting. This is part of what I told Matt he needed to go shoot. I couldn't get far enough away for what I initially wanted, but that's what I get for not wanting to go down, back up, and then back down again. Oh well.
    I still love the light here.
  58. Swope Memorial
  59. Overlooking The Kansas City Zoo
  60. My comments:
    Subho B, I like the form of the foreground tulip and especially the stem on the first shot. The lighting is a bit dark on the tulip but I would think that software could help. A little more crop on the lower left would be beneficial too.
    Leo P, love the subdued color of the Dutchman's Breeches. A little local exposure tweak would reduce the glare in the conter of the frame. I'd also even out the crop a bit and darken the background.
    Haig, #2 rocks. She's got a pretty intense expression there, but most things about girls that age is pretty and intense I find.
    Garry Ian Y, I like them all, really. No. 2 form, lighting, texture, and subject expression (especially her hands) make this exceptional. Could be the best of the week.
    Robert C. your diversity of art expression is highly admirable. How did you do the first one? Looks like something out of Montana. Sunrise is also very pleasant on the eyes. The shades of the sky and the light on the lower clouds really compliment each other and stand out. Very nice.
    Dorus O, Interesting high-key-esque approaches to let the textures and ancientness stand unobscured. Solid idea.
    Jemal Y, Nice lighting and color on the woman's hair. I only wish I could see her head uplifted an inch more.
    Christos C, That's a sweet shot. Does that old lens usually produce subdued, slightly blue-toned images? I've had older M42s that render in similar ways and find it attractive.
    Karl K, As a former VW Bus owner ( a newer 1977 model) I gotta love that shot. Is that a '67? That Camaro brings back memories of my dad taking me to the NY Auto Show in the Colosseum in 1969 when I was a teenager. Muscle car heaven. My friend still has a '68 Camero, those front doors are long and heavy but no one cared about that stuff then.
    Howard T, thank you.
    Very engaging and colorful shot outside Central Park. Perfect exposure.
    Dan S., texture and light on the first shot caught my eye. One day I'll get there.
    Dave H. Thank you. Those are just hilarious. So this is what I should expect in a year and a half?
    Jon R., I'd be happy with that initial HDR too. Good poster shot.
    John B. I love Latourell Falls. The Gorge is photographer's heaven if you can get the tourists out of the way. Oneonta Gorge is one of my favorite places on the planet.
    Maria Mc, yes, rusty & peeling is a professional shot indeed. Among my favorites this week, I think the rectangle of light on the right just makes it. I probably woulda just given up or doped it up heavily in software. Kudos.
    Steve D, was Cassie shot through a window? Her colors are a nice relief against the stone.
  61. Steve,
    I like your models and their poses. I think you need a reflector 45 degrees to your right, opposite your light source to reduce or eliminate the shadows produced by the light source. This should also help with the reflections from Cassie's glasses if she turns her head enough to eliminate the strong reflections. The Cassie @ the Memorial shot looks much less "flashy" than the first one. Your exposure looks fine.

    Also, there are spots that look like water stains to the right on Cassie at the Memorial. Are they on the lens? I shouldn't throw stones, I've got stuff on my sensor that needs to be cleaned off.
    Again, I like your shots.
  62. To Michael Elenko....
    You know your VW Buses....... Yes, it's a '67
    I used to own a VW Transporter '81 that I made into a camper van which I did several "tours" with around Europe and the British Islands.....
  63. To Dave Hollander,
    Hey thanks for the comments on the azaleas, I tried using the tips you gave me the time that I emailed you on how you achieved that lighting separation? (I mean, light on subject, total shadow or underexposure on the background) =)
  64. All these wonderful photos; they provide inspiration for me to go out and "do it", after I do my reports, help my sister with her crises, do this that and the other thing, wait for the sun to shine, feel better, stop reading the forum stuff, etc. I love photography, but I am having trouble with inspiration and time, but it seems that you are all providing the inspiration, so I'll provide the time. If I don't feel intimidated, and I probably do a little bit, maybe I'll dare to post something. Thanks.
  65. Ice cream treat
    A funny expression
    And we met this cat in hiking that looks quite attached to human, shot over a fence
  66. Ok, time for some commenting.
    @ Subho - i really like the composition on your 1st tulips. The light is nice and soft, could maybe be brighter, but maybe....
    @Markus - makes me want to see the rest of that cinema
    @ Garry Ian - that is quite the return!! #2 is the best in my opinion. The framing & light just make it, and your subjects never hurt!! :-D
    @ Robert - the horse is a stunner, and I think it's the clouds that make it so for me. Are those REAL? Is it smoke?
    @Oshiva - keep bringing the pics of Egypt. Your way of PP gives us a view of Egypt we've never gotten from photos before. Very interesting.
    @Michael E - E passage is cool because of the clouds, but Tangled is such a mess, it's cool!
    Thank you for the comments on rusty & peeling. I hadn't thought of it in the "pro" category. More the, "not as bad as I feared" category. I DID do some Aperture PP. A slight bump in exposure. I'm still thinking wider for it - we could spend hours out at the old mill. Really would like to sometime.
    @Nick - cute. love seeing the kids (from everybody). Does getting older mean getting more sweet pics than goofy? I've got a 3.5yr old that barely lets us get a pic, let alone a non ridiculous one.... Does this mean there's hope for getting portraits of the booger?
    @Dan S - #3 looks like a print ad. Good exposure job.
    @Dave - you obviously survived the event.... but are you sure you're the same? I think some of your neurons may have gotten scrambled..... :D
    @Steve T - I just really really like your cityscape. Probably because it's evening.
    @Steve D - I think these are better (more interesting) than our last views of KC. 4th street is def the strongest of the 3, and the contrasting lighting really helps her pop. I like the use of the flash, and agree about using a reflector off to the side - more as a shadow eliminator, because I hate shadows coming off portraits. The seriously distracting glasses glare could have been nearly eliminated by simply having her tilt her chin down and the top of her head out a little, which would also help her pose, too.
    The 3rd shot needs a lot less headroom, and needs to not have random bits of fingers mysteriously appearing in the bottom of the frame. The light is just too harsh for this one - too close to cassie (she's washed out), and too many shadows w/ hard edges on megan (where'd her other eye go?). Making it just a head & shoulders isn't a bad idea, especially given how us chicks feel about our thighs, but having bits of knees and fingers appearing, and so much headroom just isn't quite the way to do it.
    #2 has a great composition & contrast. If you can use photoshop to get rid of the water drops, it will be a good portrait.
  67. Maria, yes they are clouds and they are real. It was one of those mornings where there were different layers of clouds. Stormy weather was moving in (it's still here!) Anyway, the horse was standing on the top of a hill as I walked up. I wanted to shoot him before he saw me and trotted away, which he did. So i am shooting up at him just as those clouds were coming into view. They really came out when I converted the picture into black and white and added a strong contrast orange filter. I then added a little coloring. If I can post a fourth shot, here he is a few seconds later. I couldn't decide which one I liked more.
  68. Hey Pentaxian Friends,
    Please keep posting. Great shots ............... so far. Thanks for sharing and for nice comments :))
    I will re do my monitor calibration. It was done six months ago. The brightness is off I guess.
  69. That shot is pretty nice one too Robert, I like how he got framed with the tree.. but it is not nearly as dramatic as the other one..
  70. Thanks for all the comments by the way :) Always nice to get feedback from this group.
  71. Howard and Maria, thanks for the critiques. As an amateur, doing senior pictures for free, I need all the help I can get. I'm a student of Strobism and have been for a couple of years now, but I still have much to learn.
    Howard, the drops are from a water fountain between Cassie and the camera. As Maria points out, I could have cloned them out. A couple of my shots from this angle looked really good. But I can see the distraction now, much like the tree coming out of her head in last week's shot.
    Maria, I actually had my reflectors, but didn't use them. I had both of my kids holding a speedlight. Probably would have been better skipping one of the flashes for the reflector. Like you, I can't stand those hard shadows. Likewise with the reflections in her glasses. Looking at the 3rd shot now, I see the bad crop. On my flickr page I have a much better full body shot from this same scene.
    Anyway, thanks for the advice.
  72. To Michael:
    Yes, that lens (vivitar 135mm f2.8) produces somewhat subdued colors (not as punchy or contrasty) compared to more modern lenses. I like it though, and as a bonus, it is a true macro, as it goes all the way to 1:2 without extension tubes.
    Thank you, and all, for your kind words (not just to me) and acceptance.
  73. Robert - like the dramatic shot much better (although running away is funny). It is an EXCELLENT job in PP. wow.
    Steve D - the tree coming out of her head makes me laugh. I STILL have problems w/ branches and trees. This after several years. (eyeroll)
    OH - it just strikes me, the drops are not on the camera, they're in the air? OK... i was wondering how only part of the camera got rained on. I was thinking Swope memorial was the WWI memorial, but I don't remember a fountain up there, so I'm wrong?
    You might try a flash diffuser (like the Phong or something homemade even) - even on just 1 speedlight. It should take care of those hard edges, but keep the light more even than 1 flash & a reflector. I'm not used to using mobile flash units - it's either 1 on a stroboframe w/ the phong, or our studio light kit... so I'd like to see how that would turn out.
    We'll have to hook up w/ you sometime in KC - we're from Wichita & go through KC at least 2x a year, and it looks like you're shooting some of the places I find interesting, but am nervous about going, especially being a stranger after dark w/ my little girls.
  74. Maria, you're thinking of the Liberty Memorial. This is hidden behind the rear parking lot at Swope Memorial golf course. It sits on top of the cliff, above the KC Zoo. It faces west so it is ideal at sunset. And it is safe.
    And I wasn't really sure about the water falling off the fountain. It was interesting effect, but also a bit distracting. I think it can work, just not for me yet.
  75. I hope these are not too late in the week, and please forgive the four instead of three. These were taken in Key West and the sunset was shot through a fence in Key Largo.
  76. [​IMG]
    [​IMG][​IMG]" alt="" />
    [​IMG][​IMG]" alt="" />
  77. Angela, it's never too late to post pictures like that :)

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