Photo of the Week - #5 - 10/19/21

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  1. I agree. I wouldn't call it a mistake too. Its like, when I go back to a spot, I see new opportunities or new ways of perceiving the scene. Its not as if what I shot the first time was wrong, but the second or third attempts often lead to something different. May be, because I exhausted all the easy options the first time, so I am forced to see differently.
  2. Don't worry Sam. I welcome feedback of all kind. That's how we learn. I've just opened the photo to try a couple of different crops. And Mike seems to have the same outlook.
  3. I wasn’t worried or trying to protect you from anything. I’m perfectly ok giving and getting criticism, but honestly don’t see criticism as a form of correcting mistakes. To me, mistake means there’s a right way and a wrong way, and I generally don’t buy that. One could look at your original and say, “It’s wrong not to have a straight horizon. That skewed horizon is a mistake.” But, to me, the lesson is why and how a skewed horizon does or doesn’t work for each given photo, not that slanting a horizon is wrong or a mistake. That’s why, instead of suggesting you fix the horizon, I offered an alternative view of figuring out a composition and perspective where a skewed horizon could be effective and expressive. When I think in terms of mistakes, it brings to mind correctness and standards. When I think in terms of creative process, it brings to mind finding personal ways to flout those standards and go for the unusual.

    If anything, I wonder if your crooked horizon was more an accident than a mistake. Did you notice it? Was it deliberate? I get the feeling you didn’t and it wasn’t. Next time, you probably will and can choose how you want your horizon to be rather than it just happening.
  4. Hi Sam. The crocked horizon was more of an accident born through haste during post. As for mistakes, I like to tell people that I thought I made a mistake once, but I was wrong. Seriously, I'm in my 70's and I've made some mistakes along the way. This forum is to me a place where I have benefitted from some good constructive criticism. I welcome it all.
  5. OK, so I have played around with a few different crops on this photo and tweaked the shadows a bit. I think that all of the suggestions were great and I am pleased with the results. This is the crop that I found most appealing to me so far. I've trimmed the top while retaining some great clouds and blue sky. I trimmed the left side to get the roots towards the upper left quadrant and eliminate the trunk on the far left. The dead trees and drift wood on the right are more prominent in this crop. I think that this improved the overall composition. I am still playing with this shot and have more shots of this specific location with slightly different angles that I am playing with as well.

    20150906 5DM30584 Manasquan Reservour MWS C_BW Cr5 V2.jpg
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  6. Congrats on finding a crop that suits you! The issues I'm seeing are ones you've now introduced with the color and the processing. You have obvious halos along many of your edges (along the border of mountains and sky, along the top of tree trunk against water. You've also got all kinds of extremely saturated color in odd places, like the shadows of the tree toward the roots and most other areas. I see neon blues there especially and lots of swirly reds in other areas. The orange stuff sticking up out of the water looks less like it's catching the sun and more like it's a memory of my college acid trips, lol!
  7. Hi Sam,

    There are no mountains in this photo but there is a tree line on the other side of the reservoir.
    I repeated post and here is what I did in Camera Raw:
    - Enhanced the image,
    - Selected Adobe Vivid profile,
    - Rotated the image 2° clockwise,
    - Reduced white balance to 5000 from 5650 - as shot,
    - Contrast + 20,
    - Highlights + 10,
    - Shadows + 60,
    - Blacks + 60,
    - Clarity + 20,
    - Dehaze + 20,
    - Vibrance + 20,
    - Optics - Adjusted for lens profile, Canon EOS 40D with EF 24-105mm f4L IS USM,
    - Optics – remove chromatic aberration,
    - Detail – Sharpening + 150,
    - Detail – Noise reduction + 60,
    - Detail – color noise reduction = 100,
    - Cropped in Photoshop CC.

    The color on the stuff (dead tree trunks) sticking up out of the water is from the sunlight at sunset.

    The color in the shadows of the tree in the foreground is noise which I have addressed. The neon blues and swirly reds appear to have been noise as well; but I believe that they are history now in this edit. The halos around the tree line also appear to have been noise. I was not as aggressive with noise reduction in prior edits.

    I would not know about acid trips. :)

    Thanks again Sam for your great feedback!


    20150906 5DM30584 Manasquan Reservour MWS C_BW Cr1 V4.jpg
  8. Thanks to all for your great feedback. I consider this as a wonderful learning experience. I'm walking away with some very valuable insights resulting directly from your comments.
  9. I really like this composition so much more than the original Mick!
  10. Thanks Mike! I would not have accomplished it without the honest feedback you and others offered. I am grateful for the opportunity to learn from my PN friends.
    Best wishes to you my friend! Mick

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