Photo of the Week - #46 8/1/22

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  1. So, I'm being negative, but how about some positive thought?

    Well, first of all you are remote viewer, in a sense looking down upon them, from a distant place....a safe place. Walk among them, be part of them, feel and walk together with them. A understanding.

    And then photograph. A good feeling, you will feel.

    Both from them and yourself.
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  2. That's a great backstory. Although the picture stands on it's own, people who have lived in LA and viewed the decadence and poverty would instantly connect with the backstory. Its also not easy to find a composition like this from within the visual overload of chaos and disorder that characterize a location like this. I also agree with the black and white treatment with its stark contrast that emulates high ISO films (anti-fine art feeling). Both the composition and selecting it to be presented as POW show your depth and experience as a photographer. Keep up the good work!
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