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  1. I figured I'd sneak in the POW before heading off for a nap. Caney has been sick, and my wife is out of town so I'm stuck here taking care of him. He isn't going to be too happy in a few hours when I get up and leave him for the day tomorrow while I go chase sheep and sunrises in Vermont.

    K20D, DA 43mm.

    K20D, DA 21mm

  2. [​IMG]
    Determination will lead to survival.
    Panasonic LX3.
  3. My contribution - Mama and her little girl. Pics taken with DA* 50-135 and off camera flash.
  4. My wife is always playing with our dogs
  5. An angry sky. Shot outside my place of employment Friday afternoon with the company Canon A540 Powershot. My K20D was at home... Straight off the camera, no editing.
  6. ME SUPER with M50@F/8.0, UltraMax 800
  7. ME SUPER with M50@F/8.0, Kodak Gold 100

  8. [​IMG]
    K10D > Tamron AD-2 #01A 35~80mm f/2.8~3.8
  9. ME SUPER with M50@F/8.0, UltraMax 800
  10. My three, shot about hour and half ago...
  11. Another angle at the fountain
  12. Downtown Portland with Spring rain clouds
  13. I had an unusually good week, and still have a good bit to print. I enjoyed photographing a football game, another demonstration, plenty of musician shots and a return trip to this park. I did take some digital photos, though. These moss covered rocks in the photos; those particular rocks are part of the reason that I ended up breaking down and getting a digital camera last summer; I wanted to communicate in color. The greens in the moss are very rich; they are growing in the misty spray of a stream that's fed by a waterfall and sheltered by some unusually close and harboring cliff walls.
    I used off camera flash for a lot of my shots that day. Down the thread some will be a photo of a rock that has a purple splash to it. I found that when I used off camera flash with the wet rocks, it really helped to bring out the color. Same also for water; the darker side of midtones in water had a tendency to come out bluish; combined with long shutters for blur and flash for some frozen droplets and wave-shapes; well, I really enjoyed it, and would recommend you give off camera flash a try outdoors in situations like those. It worked great; I did do my usual post adjustments, "centerlined", but the images are basically strait; the colors that were in the image to start with were much richer than I would have otherwise gotten because I used the flash. Can't recommend it enough.
    Nice photos, y'all; as always. J.
  14. The purple rock and boulder in the lower half of the photo would have been in deep shadow if not for the fill.
  15. That moss.
  16. Snowy egret at Corn Creek, near Las Vegas.
  17. I've just returned from another trip to Yellowstone and had a great time watching the wildlife. The one that got away was an elk being chased by two wolves. I get to keep that one in my mind's eye. Oh yeah, the elk got away too. Here are some I did manage to capture.
    Grizzly who was occasionally playful. K20D and Sigma 100-300 f/4 + 1.4x TC.



    Sandhill cranes who were a little too far away. K20D and Sigma 100-300 f/4 + 1.4x TC.

    Mountain bluebird perched on my car's mirror. K20D and DA* 50-135 @ 50mm.
  18. ... And a Joshua Tree, north of Vegas.
  19. What a great mix of shots this week.. I really like that red cannon Justin, very nicely framed!
  20. Haig, no fair shooting a building that comes with its own color checker chart! I like the prickly pear; I never would have thought about shooting it that way.
  21. Haig, very nice macros. Sailboat shot is very nice as well. John and John, nice waterfall waterfall shots, can really tell the weather is getting warmer. Here are three from this week.
  22. The next day
  23. finally
  24. Thanks ! I really like that second shot Robert.. the aged effect with the bench is pretty neat too..
    John O .. It's nice to have waterfalls and mossy things around.. the dry sand gets to me after a while..
  25. I've made a point of spending some quality time with the A 35-105mm f3.5 recently--getting comfortable with its quirks takes time but is definitely worth it. I took it with me on a (fishless) fishing excursion to Pennsylvania on Friday.
  26. My favorite fishing-trip eatery (best chili dogs in Adams County ;~)
  27. And (duh!) I'm catching on that this is a very capable portrait lens.
  28. Justin - the mood of the BW door is superb but I like the perspective with the cannon even more. Great shots.
    Steve T. - those clouds are great, have you considered how they'd look in BW with a little retouching? The mood you've captured is awesome.
    Subho - cute series, great dog.
    Javier - your BW's rock! I love both under the pier shots.
    Paul C. - pleasing colors and composition.
    John B. - the contrast between natural water and the man-made geometric water falls combined with a terrific perspective makes your first shot stunning. Kudos.
    John O. - great use of fill flash.
    Bob K. - you must be very stealthy to get that close with a 135 and pull the trigger on such a spectacular shot. Well done.
    Steve R. - love the 3rd bear shot. Kudos.
    Haig - the butterfly and flower is delightful with wonderful DOF and great lighting.
    Robert - I envy your gift for being able to create such stunning atmosphere in landscape photos that touch the soul.
    Dave - great captures but the photo of Clara is by far the best as a very pretty face is always a wonderful subject.
    Here are a few quick shots from me. Just a couple of quick snaps from yesterdays hike....
  29. Here's the second. Both shots with the K100DS and DA 50-200.
  30. Very nice everyone. Dave probably knows, when the skunk cabbage blooms, so do the trout. Funny thing though I hooked three nice fish, but they all broke off in the ensuing battles. [​IMG] [​IMG]
  31. Great shots again this week!
    Will comment later
    Here's #1[​IMG]
  32. Very nice and good work everyone.
    I wonder what's with all the nature pics, maybe spring in the northern hemesphere ?
    I've been busy postprocessing loads of hollyday-snaps from egypt, and still a long way to go....
    Later I will dedicate an to this most bizarre of old cultures.
    Anyway, here's some samples for now
  33. Dorus, those are some awesome hieroglyphs. That first one, is that a famous temple in Egypt? I forget the name, but I think I have seen photos of such a place before. I have never seen a photo of it, looking up, like that. Where are those places?
  34. Tx John. Both temple pictures are made at Karnak, a huge (temple-)site at Luxor.
  35. Dave, Clara's picture is just beautiful. I hope it is in a frame on the mantle of your fireplace. There is a lot of love in those eyes, nicely captured. Dorus, the idea of you in Egypt with a camera boggles the imagination. If these three pics are a preview of coming attraction, I can't wait.
  36. I just have time for a quick post taking my hat off to Robert's "next day" shot.
    That's what I'm talking about, Robert!!!! :-D
  37. Until the last week I have not been online much for the last couple of months, lay-off life changes ect and not keeping up with much. Any way I guess the most interesting thing I've shot in the last couple of of weeks was a traveling big-top circus; Carsen & Barnes.
    K20D, DA* 50-135.
    K20D, DA* 50-135.
    K20D, DA* 50-135.
  38. I have some of the Yucca north of Las Vegas. The last illustrates that life supports life, even here!
  39. Close up!
  40. Even closer!
    I didn't see the worm until much later as I was rating the photos. This wasn't really macro, just cropped.
  41. Robert,
    The lighting is killer in the second one. Absolutely perfect scene. I don't have to wait for everyone else to post, that is the best shot of the week without a doubt. Well done!
    Well another weekend without anything new. No sunrise to speak of, no dramatic lighting, and oddly while on my drive out 90% of the trees hadn't yet begun to bud, on the way back 60% were budding. Still, some very nice locations for future shoots including the fall, and about 8 miles of hiking before 11am. I believe I was out in Bob Marz territory!
  42. Spent the week trying out new things, including lighting and new lenses and black and white. Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on how you look at it, the subject was mostly the same. CNH. So here goes...
    Wrapped Up
    Ferris Wheel
    and a bonus to compare a black and white out of the sony processing by me of course!
  43. GREAT shots this week, as usual. I'll come back later and leave some comments, but for now, here's my contribution, a few shots from a really cool opportunity to watch The Dark Knight on the 74-foot HDTV in Auburn University's football stadium:
  44. I'd have thought Auburns stadium would have been bigger than that. What is the seating capacity. looks like just a single level bowl, does the other side have a second deck?
    I'll throw in one more I took today since I'm under my quota for the last few weeks.
  45. Mis and Justin, thanks for your comments on the "next day" photo. It is always nice to get a thumbs up from the pros.
  46. Mis and Justin, thanks for your comments on the "next day" photo. It is always nice to get a thumbs up from the pros.​
    Hey, and it's always nice for somebody to think I'm a pro, cos I ain't! But your photo blew me away: motif, composition and monochrome conversion are all fantastic.
  47. That's a nice photo of your wife, Basu !
    I like that first shot, Javier --really nice composition.
    Also your first, John --you've made good use of flash.
    Grizzlies --wow!
    Totally awesome butterfly, Haig --color galore!
    Inspiring stuff, Robert --"next day" makes my eyes dance (and what a wonderful title!)
    The sail is my favorite in that series, dorus .
    That's a wonderful series, Roger --you've really captured the graphic essence of the show.
    I like those first two Jemal --that's a great face!
    Thanks for your comments Robert & Duane. That's the closest I've come so far to a decent conventional portrait ;~)
  48. Duane, that 50-200 sure gets some nice results for such a light and inexpensive lens.. Ever try to do some close-ups of flowers with it?
    Dave, that is a pretty darn good portrait of Clara! As someone already mentioned, helps to start out with a beautiful subject, but I think you did a good job. I like the lighting.
  49. OK. I'm a little late here, but I only picked my camera this afternoon after ignoring it for over a week. I've been sifting through RAW files ever since. My computer is much like me: old, slow and irritable.
    So it takes me a while.
    I took senior pictures of my step son's girlfriend, Cassie.
    I only used my SMC 50-135mm 2.8 zoom. Great lens, that sometimes misses the focus. I've tested this lens witha wall chart and it is fine. In reality, for me, it sometimes mis-focuses. I only use spot AF, my vision is good, but damn if this lens doesn't fall asleep on the job, occasionally.
    All other times, it's the best lens in my bag. Anyway....
    This is Cassie and my pesky zoom lens.
  50. Country Club Plaza--Kansas City, Missori
  51. Brush Creek--Kansas City, Missouri
  52. Back downtown in KC. Back in the garment district, but smells like the coffee district, because of the Folgers plant here.
  53. Here's my favorite from this week... a simple lensbaby and x4 diopter.
  54. Justin--Nice cannon and barn shot. Nice lens, that DA21...
    Bob Keefer--Nice desert shot. Also taken with the DA21. Hmmm.
    Robert Colameco--Great sepia shots, especially the bench shot. It looks like a photo found in an old dusty box.
    Duane Mills--Nice bird shots. Crystal clear. Nice job.
    Dorus Oshiva--Very sharp shots. These wouldn't look out of place in National Geographic.
    Jemel Yarbrough--I loved "Wrapped Up". I need a ring flash, or need to make one.
    Haig Tchamitch--Nice prickly pear. You never see all those small needles until you're pulling them out of your fingers or toes.
  55. While out and about observing nature and looking
    for some springtime pics, I've noticed that purple
    seems to be natures color of choice in wildflowers
    around here.

    While shooting the wildflowers, I caught this
    swallowtail butterfly that seemed completely
    oblivious to me being there.

    Pentax K10D / Tamron AF70-300mm Di
  56. It's been a couple of weeks since I've posted anything. The life of a youth baseball coach preparing for game no. 1 has almost totally overwhelmed any non-work photography. But this weekend, after our first game, I allowed myself to get back to the other core.
    This first shot is of my daughter in front of her contribution to a 100 ft mural that was unveiled in our small town on Saturday. The mural celebrates the 100th anniversary of a local bank, and kids were invited to paint local fauna around the perimeter. Live music, speeches, cheering it was a real American afternoon.
    K20D, Tamron 17-50mm @ 38mm, F 3.5, 1/750 ISO 400
    The next two shots were from today when my pro group went on a photo walk throughout downtown Tacoma's industrial tide flats and museum district. We walked for hours in bright, warm-enough weather and had lots o' fun.
    Under the Suspension Bridge
    K20D, DA 70mm Ltd, f.6.7 1/60, ISO 200
    Murray Morgan Bridge
    K20D, DA 35mm Ltd Macro, f 9.5 @ 1/250, ISO 200
    I'll post comments on shots tomorrow.
  57. Hey, these are some great new additions! That photo of your daughter & mural is great, Michael--there's a wonderful depth to her expression. It's an interesting time to be celebrating a bank, btw ;~)
    Come to think of it, there are a lot of awfully good photos of girls & women in this thread. I'm going to cheat and add one more of Clara--it's flawed but I actually like it better than the more formal portrait.
  58. Great pictures everyone. I have to say my favorite for the week is Robert's "Next Day"!
    Others that stood out for me are:
    Justin - love the red house & cannon
    Steve T - The clouds are amazing, funny how they seem to evoke a certain mood or feeling. I agree with Duane - perhaps in B&W?
    Javier - excellent B&Ws, I like the first one of the waves under the pier
    John B & John O - great waterfalls
    Steve - Glacier & Yellowstone are in my backyard & I've never been lucky enough to see a Grizzly or a Wolf - Nice captures. Were those pictures taken from your recent trip?
    Haig & Rod - Super jobs with the butterflies
    Dorus - My favorite from you is the hieroglyphs taken from below
    Gotta love Montana...snow one day & summer the next =)
    K2000 DA L 55mm
    K2000 DA L 200mm
    K2000 DA L 200mm
  59. I was with my boy for the Dad & Boy in pre-school and I have my Tamron 28-75mm f/2.8 and I am cropping this to get closer up for the flower shot
    #1 with Tamron 28-75mm f/2.8
    #2 with Tamron 28-75mm f/2.8

    But this week, I am still carrying my used Pentax F* 300mm f/4.5 to everywhere that I go
  60. Coming in a little late - and doing kind of a dual post for both of us again.
    First, this one is MINE. (You'll understand this in a minute) And this is my first chance of getting to play around with the Katz Eye that Les just sold us (THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. I LOVE IT!!!!) The only thing that irritated me was discovering my arm was in the shot. That durn pen holder made it pretty impossible for me to get the shot I wanted w/o being in it, myself!
    Shot this available light, no flash w/ the FA 35mm f1.4. Probably ISO 400 (possibly 560) and no chance I remember the shutter speed. Feel free to read exif. Sorry.
  61. I was also using the Katz Eye to make sure I had focus just exactly where I wanted it for the cake shot, too. Have I mentioned I live this thing????? The K10 we put it on is now in MY camera bag, and it's not leaving!!!
    Bounced flash from the 540 flash & a Phong bong, the white ceiling only about 2ft over my head, if that. Again w/ the 35mm f1.4
  62. Ok, moving on to what MATT shot, and I did the PP on. This one and the next are 2 of my favorite 3 from the entire wedding. Matt was shooting w/ our Tamron 28 - 300mm. Skies were completely overcast, threatening rain and kinda ruining contrast, but it was nice not having to deal with shadows. He was having such a problem with exposure changing shot by shot, he just started shooting in bracketing mode (fills up the SD cards very fast, btw!!).
    The only thing I wish is that our super zoom was much sharper. There's just no comparing our DA* to the Tamron, but i want the reach that our Tamron has.
  63. This one is just for Matt.
    There are days I "hate" him - being in the right spot at the right time to see shots like this. I was setting up our backdrop in the back of the auditorium, he was up front grabbing our lights, and saw the couple praying together while their slide show was being tested before the ceremony started.
    No PP done at all. Shot w/ the DA* I'm sure, but beyond that, I don't have any details at all. It will be on the front page of our website soon.
  64. Mike E,
    The Murray Morgan Bridge gets a close second to Roberts shot #2. One of the better abstracts I have seen. It is a bit busy, but I can't stop searching through it in a good way, rather than a "where the hell is the focal point way."
    Steve: Nice series. The photography is good, and the model really doesn't hurt either. The first and the black and white are my faves. B&W being probably the best because of the lighting.
    Haig: 4 is my fav, # 2 could be much better but it looks like flare caused some contrast issues. I also think it might be a 1/2 stop over exposed. Only critiquing because I like the shot overall!
    Javier: Always enjoy your street scenes, and I really like the film/film look!
    John 2XO: are you using a polarizer on those waterfall shots? I really cannot think of a compelling reason to not use one. They give you a little longer shutter speed, and knock out reflections, and enhance saturation of wet scenes, which usually are pluses.
    Hin: Love the hummingbird shot.
    Heather: I feel for you. How about a month of below average temps, followed by a week even hot for mid summer temps? I like the contrast of the green and snow though, actually those early or late season snow falls are often the best. A nice snow in October when the colored leaves are still on the trees is always a great contrast.
    Ryan: Usually not a lens baby fan, but I like the impressionist sort of effect you got with that shot. A nice change from the usual flower macros!
    Roger: Some of the better circus shots I have seen. I think the backdrop actually helps a lot too.
    Dorus: you are still the best processor of images I have seen. nice series from Egypt I am sure there will be many more to come!
    Bob M: Have you been to the Ushers Rd forest? Nice little 122 acre parcel. Some interesting wetlands. Anyway, the trillium and skunk cabbage were in bloom. I tried working a skunk cabbage myself, and might have one for next week. Although I gaffed on the focal length and the distortion of the zoom is clear in the macro! Have to go back before they mature and try again!
  65. Wow, this has been a great week already and it's only Monday. Good shooting!
    Heather - Yes I made another trip to the Park last week. It was by far and away the most productive trip ever. The weather was nice and warm the first few days and then Wam! K20D + DA 35mm f/2.8 Macro Ltd.
  66. Steve - wow the snow sure went away quickly & it got green! I was in West Yellowstone mid-March and snow galore.
  67. Here's mine:
  68. Another week of great shots by everyone.

    Hin: The hummingbird shot is one of the best of this type I have seen and easily my fav of the week, its like the background was custom designed just for the subject.

    Paul: The azalea shot is very nice. Love the background here too.

    John B: Very creative shot of the fountain. The Portland shot is the contrast of the white bldgs against the dark sky

    Steve D: The subjects dress matches the tree blossoms and the black railing...very nice.

    Heather: The squirrel shot is great, very sharp...and I don’t even like squirrels !
  69. This POW is definitely one of the more enjoyable threads on here. And we have a lot of newcomers posting! Welcome!
    Just from my standpoint.. Rod's butterflies, Heather's goose taking off, Hin's hummingbird are ones that caught my eye. I also think that Dorus' style of photography and PP will create some amazing results with his Egyptian photos. I thought #3 was very interesting. Hopefully we'll get a look at some more when he gets done playing with them.
    Justin, thanks.. I would much rather hear a critique everytime, always appreciated.
    Maria, what arm are you talking about?
  70. I saw my first humming bird of the year on Saturday and thought I should be alert for photographic opportunities. Now I don't have to--Hin's is pretty much perfection.
  71. Haig: now that I can breathe again after laughing.... GOOD JOB!!! Matt sez I can't pay you ;-)
  72. Dang, and here I was about to ask who to send the bill to.. The "clone stamp tool" in photoshop is pretty darn handy for stuff like that. :)
  73. This thread has a nice balance of aesthetics. A long list here:

    Justin, 1883 has a wholeness that the B&W rendition emphasizes nicely. Nice perspective on Saratoga Battlefield; did you ramp up the saturation or use a Polarizer?

    Javier, that last B&W beach shot is a keeper. Such a great frame for that silhouette; a strong image indeed.

    Steve R., Nice shots of the grizzly bear and the cranes. I’d have a good time with that lens.

    Robert C., your work has been blowing me away this past month. The Next Day is awesome and I appreciate someone else using the DA 35mm for landscapes. Tree in fog has great mood and detail and I like the color.

    Bob M. I could get lost in that skunk cabbage shot and that’s far better than getting lost in skunk cabbage itself. Excellent texture and lighting and color.

    Guy G., #2 is Zen-like. That would make a nice large print.

    Dorus O. Captivating work once again. Sail on Nile is so dramatic. The texture of the third shot I can almost feel.

    Roger R. Wow, those shots almost look animated. You really captured the energy of an old-style circus quite well.

    Jemal, Lounging is one of the best shots of yours I’ve seen. Great lighting, and processing but the woman’s expression is so engaging. I like the tight frame too. Nice work.

    Adam W. That last shot looks like it was out of Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Or a Stephen King novel. Alien colors. Nice work.

    Steve D. Cassie is my favorite of the bunch. Nice skin treatment. Your subject looks a lot older than a high school senior.

    Ryan W. Very cool and inspirational photograph. This may be my favorite. The shot is beautiful.

    Hin Man, I could shave with those shots. Great color and lighting. That is a remarkable lens. The hummingbird capture is inspired as well. These are some of the best work of yours I’ve seen.

    Maria M, Yummy is yummy. I too have been totally enjoying my new Katz Eye. It took me about three weeks to realize that I’ve had zero center blackouts (unlike the cheapy split-prism screen I had been using for the past two years).

    Kathy B., so you got it! Congrats. That’s a classic shot, excellent detail, complimentary bokeh, and just balanced composition. My DA 35mm and the DA 70mm comprise 80% of my lens usage these days.

  74. ME, Thanks for the compliment! I am loving this lens. I may consider adding a wider angle prime.................... LOL
    Kathy B
  75. Justin, sorry to be so late answering your question: the stadium holds 87,451, officially. I know for a fact they over-sell student tickets, so i wouldn't be surprised if we've put more than 87,600 in there on big games. And yes, both sides of the stadium have upper decks.
  76. Adam,
    I realized after the fact that I was looking at the end of the stadium (with the screen) and not the sides...yeah, thats a big stadium. I noticed the upper decks in the other shots.
  77. Mike E,
    I used a polarizer. Singh Ray warming polarizer. I don't bump saturation often, but when I do I use a faux Velvia action to get the Velvia look that was/is so popular with the masses. I believe I also used the Velvia action.
  78. Justin,
    I was unfamiliar with a warming type of polarizer. As you may have noted, I'm shopping around for a polarizer and after a little research this one is quite attractive, though pricey. I tend to make my WB on the warmer side. Do you use the round Cokin type or the 77mm? I want something large enough that can be placed in front of most of my lenses.
    I like the Velvia look too. I have a Lightroom Velvia preset that was designed for the *DS and I should tweak it for the K20D.
    Thanks for the kind words about the Murray Morgan Bridge shot. This is a historic structure built in 1913. It was too rickety for vehicles so last year they limited it to foot traffic only. There is something magical about crossing an old bridge in the middle of the road and in complete silence above the city and waterway.
  79. Once again everyone's photos leave me inspired to do better and greater things with my pentax. Thanks for the inspiration. Here are but a few comments on some of the photos that reached out and grabbed me this week.
    Paul C. - Beautiful bokeh
    Robert c. - Awesome lighting!
    Dorus O. - Wow. I know that's not very descriptive, but that's what your photos leave me saying. They are so expansive and breathtaking.
    Steve D. - Even though Cassie has a tree growing out of her head that is an incredible portrait. "Country Club Plaza"
    Heather D. - I love the duck shot. I'd hang it on my wall. Can you crop out or clone out the stray wing on the right side?
  80. Jemal THANKS!! There's nothing to brighten a day like someone saying they'd hang your picture on a wall =)
    Jemal here is the goose with the wing cloned out - well sort of. I am a big newbie to photshop, so the cloning is not that great, but I'll have to practice.

  81. Don't tell Lindy but the Singh Ray is a loaner. Shhh!
    Anyway, I borrowed it to test it out as I am interested in buying one more for film than digital. It's a Cokin P style and that is what I would buy.
    My observations are this, if you shoot film it's definitely worthwhile but if you shoot only digital it's a tossup. Of course this is using it for a total of 4 outings over 2 months.

    Some places I think it might be useful even on digital is waterfalls in canyons which are generally cool, and don't need ND filters.
    You obviously don't need a warming filter on digital since you can adjust the WB. But it does offer some advantages including the fact that it only has a 1 1/3 loss of light vs. the 2+ for a standard polarizer.
    The second advantage to me is less glass in front of the lens of film. Since you could use 2 Cokin P style filters polarizer + warming.
    So my take the Singh Ray warming is a sometimes polarizer, with a lot of value on film, and mixed utility on digital.
  82. Heather D. - Excellent job of optimizing the photo. It really is a spectacular capture. Well done!

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