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  1. alright everybody. time to start posting the week's pictures. let's see whatcha got!
    This one was taken at a college ministry meeting at Auburn University called Encounter, where I volunteer on the tech crew (audio is another hobby of mine). we had a guest band come and play for us this past week who brought they're own sound guy (read here: it wasn't my fault!).
    the volume was so high that we blew three houselights, almost rattled the speakers off of the subwoofers THREE times during the service, and caused the housing of one of the houselights to come falling from the ceiling (as pictured). it was a crazy night. 120dB can't be good for the ears...
  2. A willow bloom along a trail at the environmental center next door (playing with the new Tamron 90mm Macro).
  3. It's been a tough couple of weeks for much good but a new toy arrived on Friday (bought before Hin's challenge). Got a little use out of it this morning. FA*300 f4.5 with Pentax AF1.7TC [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] Spring's finally showing up. 300mm without the TC [​IMG]
  4. ok, a few from my weekend _
  5. Javier, I see you're a 'Guns 'n Roses' fan. Nice shot. The frog shot is unusual, almost as if the frog was having some difficulty. Really like the duck shot.

    Rose the 'cat' shot is fun. Beautiful wood in that carving. Love the Daf shot. Nice use of the light.

    Alan, Nice to see a little spring coming your way. The lens looks nice and sharp.

    What can I say Adam? Good B&W of "Cone head"? Those levels are not good for the ears for sure.
  6. AH! Alan you are not helping my LBA. I want a macro sooo bad. curse my budget!<P>

    Javier: love the shot of the frog. very fine capture.

    Rose: GREAT shot of the daffodil. have you tried blasting out the exposure in PP? seems like it would make a really cool looking high-key image. still looks great as-is though!
  7. I visited a Confucian Martyr's Shrine. Here are 3 shots.
    The entrance to the shrine:
    The shrine in a sepia tone:
    A stone guardian lion in b&w:
    Nice pics from those who have already posted.
  8. Twi different takes on a falls here in the Northeast.
  9. Another take
  10. Here's one taken by me.
  11. And one taken by Clara with my PP. I guess *she'll* be wanting to borrow my TC soon.
  12. Adam, you mean like this?
  13. the other side?
  14. The Cottage.<br><br><img src="">
  15. Ah, yes, R.T.--it's so good to get away from the big house and back to the simple life now & again ;>)

    Nicely shot!
  16. For Sale or Lease: one newly-renovated brick fortress.<br><br><img src="">
  17. Quick snap at Maria's wedding
  18. SOLD!!! That should finally give us enough room for all the crap - er, fine hobby accessories - we've managed to accumulate so far, in only 10yrs of marriage. Sheesh. Well, I spotted a couple trees this morning, when it was overcast, so when the sun was out & the sky was clear, the call was impossible to ignore. Amazing how hard it is to focus on tree branches w/ the wind whipping em around (stiff breezes late afternoon). This first one... hmmmm.... sure seemed a lot less busy and irritating looking through the viewfinder....
  19. PS - the above is not me, as proved by PotW of 2wks ago... This one, I wish I'd taken an extra minute and turned the camera horizontal. Tomorrow, maybe. hope the sun is out.
  20. Oops, I should have made that clear, Maria.
  21. Rose: yes! i do like that one better. but hey, it's YOUR picture, after all! not mine!

    it's a great shot either way.
  22. once again these are all great shots! i hadn't taken a photo this week so I ran out back real quick and came up with a few...
  23. I've discovered extension tubes! $15 delivered from Hong Kong off ebay, and I can finally let go the need... the NEED... for a DFA 100mm f2.8 macro. Well, until June anyway. I took some test shots, but love how close I can get!
  24. Also - fun with post processing!
  25. I spent some time this week working on getting a good black and white rendition with the K10D. I shot in color and PP'd the black and white. Not as good as the real thing but I'm reading up on how some "very accomplished" others do it...we'll see.
  26. I would like to join this great cross-selection of pictures with these (I was into ? lines?)

    <img src="">

    <img src=" ">
  27. Peter - nice new 300mm toy! I'm jealous.

    Scott - I think your b&w forest rockks! would like to see a slightly larger version.

    Nick - Cool quarter! That's a pretty strong macro with a fairly deep DOF! Nice.

    R.T. - Love the cottage.

    Rose - the daffodil rocks, and the high-key redo looks great too.

    O Shiva - I love the lines!
  28. Rose - Nice psycho cat.. I have a few too! See it here.
  29. Tom - I like yours more (really colorful!) ... did you buy any to bring back with you?
  30. Great images people! Here is one of my first with my new Tamron 70-300Di, hand held K10D
    at 300mm.
  31. Garry-there is a larger version of the forest in my prtfolio. Thanks for your comment.

    It's one of my favorite days of the week, Sunday. I love to see what everyone has been up to over the week. Great work gang!
  32. Love the Intergalactic Explosion!
  33. Few test shots from K10D and Pentax M 200mm f/4.0. The wind was blowing hard and I used ISO 400 to freeze the motion and the JPG come out quite noisy




  34. Hin Man, I like your style! Your photos are always amazing!

    I was just got this link in my emails and there are some great shots in here if you're bored...
  35. WOW...I had forgot to hit the ole notify me button at the bottom so I was not seeing the reply's. What amazing images...Not a bad one in the bunch...I was going to post up something, but I think I will wait. I feel a little intimdated right now...

    ***Peter***..Those bird shots are amazing. Am I reading right? FA300 F/4.5 with 1.7TC in auto focus? By the way, I love the huge images, glad I am not the only one and the larger images truly show how great these images are...
  36. Hin: I love the color in those shots. The third one you posted is particularly nice.
  37. Really, Hin, those are wonderful!
  38. Here are a few I took at Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs.
  39. Another one. I don't know how to do the multiple picture posting.
  40. Great shots everyone. Still trying to get the hang of B&W so here are some from a hike this week. Fredrik
  41. And a second one. Fredrik
  42. Charles. If you look at the following thread for picture posting, I put instructions there in that thread. I got them from Javier but can't find his original post. Hope that helps.
  43. Javier, Thanks yes the 3 bird shots are the FA*300 + 1.7 TC combo. I really like these 2 together. You may know of Tom Lusk and he gets his great images with that setup. actually after taking about 100 shots over the weekend with this setup, I decided to sell the Bigma.

    You're going to like the DA*300 f4 when it arrives. I hear they are basically the same lens. Added plus over the Bigma is the size and weight. The 300 is much lighter and easier to hand hold. So it gives me 2 lengths, 300mm and 510mm. Add the Sigma 70-200 f2.8 and that makes a very good kit for walking in the woods.

    Great shots everyone. Too many now to comment on but everyone has some great stuff this week.
  44. Hey Peter, you esplnations are better on posting pics.
    None the less here is mine.
  45. Peter, for sure Tom Lusk, puts up some great stuff...What kind of 1.7tc do have? Is it the Pentax or sigma? I too am getting ready to sell my Bigma. I simply don't use it or need it. I prefer my 135-400APO with 1.4TC for a length of 560mm and it is allot lighter but still faster than the bigma.
  46. [​IMG] [​IMG] Some of my first shots with my Lester A. Dine 105mm macro. It's an amazing lens.
  47. with all the flowers I've done recently - here's some new ones I saw today ... Have I stressed enough how much I love this time of year? :)
  48. and another example...
  49. Fredrick - the clouds are stunning.

    Rose - spring is SO my fav time of year. And fall. Def spring and fall are my fav time of
    year... Winter here is (usually, since we don't normally get 5 good snows) is grey and ugly.
    Summer turns brown and ugly as we bake under the sun. I LOVE LOVE LOVE spring!!! No a/c
    running, no heat running... love love love love love spring
  50. Javier, The Pentax TC SMC Pentax-F 1.7x AF Adapter as is printed on the side. I have a Tamron 1.4 on the way as well. So I figure the 2 TC's and the 300 give me 3 focal length choices and still have better sharpness at the longer ends.
    I've had the TC for awhile but never really used it much till now. Just thought I should hang on to it just in case. Glad I did. curious to see how the 1.4 works on the FA*. I wonder if the Tamron 2x is any good?

    Someday (after I win the lotto) I'll get a Sigma 500 f4.5 unless Pentax comes up with a fast 400 or 500. Give me an f4 300-600mm SDM lens and I'll sell the car.
  51. Peter, I hope you have the MC-4 model of the tamron coming. As far as the Tamron 2x, so far, I do not like it. It is so very soft and I know it is the TC, because I also have a manual Pentax 2tc and it is pretty darn good. Of course, they need lots of light. I have been looking for a 1.7tc but no luck...
  52. Javier,
    Let's not hijack the thread too much. PM me on PF and I have a suggestion for you.
  53. Seeing as so many are going B&W this week, here's my modest Ansel Adams tribute:

    Moon Over Cambridge
  54. a fine tribute, indeed, Mis. good work.
  55. Mis, Very nice, very very nice.
  56. Very nice Mis!
  57. (sound of stumbling backwards over Mis's excellent moon shot)
  58. Thanks guys, I really appreciate the kind words and stumbling sounds.
  59. Javier's frog looks like it's reaching for a life preserver or a beer.

    Which one was it?
  60. Looks like everyone is firing on all cylinders again this week - Amazing shots by all for sure.. Me, well, I've been struggling with life.. This is all I had in me this week.
  61. another - some tree on the side. No clue what it's called but I see tons of photos of it so, why not one more from me? :)
  62. And here is big softy...
  63. and finally..
  64. Tom, I love "MaximusFlowerus"...Very well done!!!

    And Folks,----Javier's frog was indeed dead...It was floating on the water and did not realize until after I took the shot..
  65. "House Critter ala Hitchcock" is hilarious. And well done, too :)
  66. Thanks guys.. Javier's floating frog is great. Not because it's dead but, just because it was funny looking until you told me it was dead.. But, to tell the truth, my favorite of this lot has got to be Miserere's Moon Over Cambridge.. I couldn't tell you why because when I look at it I think I would like to change some things but, the fact I'm looking at it means I'm drawn to it so, it's a winner.
  67. Much appreciated Tom. Truth is, when I took it I was angry at myself because I had meant to get out on the roof over 30 mins earlier to get the Moon low on the horizon, and now I had to shoot in 3:2 portrait format (which I hate) and with barely some branches on the bottom of the frame.

    Then I opened up the shot in ACR and thought "hmmmm...those clouds look a lot more interesting now...and if I go to B&W maybe...".

    So I agree that I would also change a lot of things, but I'm left asking myself whether shooting what I had seen in my head would have produced a better shot. I think it wouldn't. Sometimes reality is better than imagination, don't you think?

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