Photo of the Week - #4 - 10/11/21

Discussion in 'Casual Photo Conversations' started by samstevens, Oct 11, 2021.

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  1. Signs of progress humanity made so far, combat ready military on the streets in time of peace:(
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  2. Probably a photo op I would pass up.
  3. Aigle eye. I like the look of one raised eyebrow.
  4. In January 2016 there were severe protests and chaos in Lyon, France and all across the country. So, thank you for your service, unknown soldier!
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  5. The subject is well isolated on the street. There’s a soft intensity about him, young, fresh-faced, in full gear with hardcore weapon. The shoppers are disengaged from him. This viewer can’t help but feeling his captured attention. We create the need for and the character of young soldiers. What fools we are.
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  6. These things are interesting, Armed troops on the streets are strange in the US, but of course most of the guns killing 1000s of people in the US are in privately held hands or are handguns shot by police. I don't get any more out of the photo than what it shows, which is fine. I would consider cropping out a lot of the left hand side.
  7. "strange in the US," Robin

    Stranger in UK.

    Not sure if I would have the bottle to take that photo....not familiar with soldiers walking the streets with deadly weapons.

    But, the raised eyebrow worked for me. Sort of saying "really"..
  8. The soldier dressed in fatigues sticks out like a sore thumb, especially considering the ordinary modes of dress worn by the civilians. This is not another mundane street by any means.
  9. I think this photo says so much about what is going on in our world. While many are not accustomed to armed individuals, soldiers or otherwise, on the street in most of the west, it’s a common sight in many places.
  10. Stranger in UK.

    It was not strange in Northern Ireland...
  11. If your national politics is not working too well, bring out the military. That's what that image says to me, apart from the fact it seems very well exposed.

  12. I think the Bataclan massacre and other terrorist murders of Nov 2015 might’ve been at the foremost of the security services thinking
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  13. Despite technological progress humanity failed to evolve and can't resolve own differences without violence.
  14. Without remarking on the comments discussing the social commentary aspect of this photo which I appreciate and I probably couldn't really add anything new, but I would like to look at it from the viewpoint of a street photograph, which doesn't minimize the documentary and commentary that is easy to associate with the pic.

    So just seeing how this photo has created so many interesting responses I thought it might be cool to look at it from the angle of how the photo is able to do that so well.

    I really appreciate the clarity of form and composition which focus me right on the interaction with the soldier. I think what takes this photo beyond just making a social comment on the state of violence and reactions to it around the world, which is important in itself, it adds this perfect moment of interaction with the subject and just capturing the look on his face and the reaction to the interaction with the photographer for me humanizes the soldier so I see him as a person who has their stake in the circumstance they find themselves in as well. For me it adds a whole other dimension that just makes this a really good photo.

    My only complaint is I find the borders really cheesy, but that's just me :)
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  15. "Where have all the soldiers gone? They've gone to graveyards, every one?" Thanks, Pete.
  16. IMO it’s the juxtaposition between the young soldier and the 2 ladies beside him that give this image such strength. I also believe it takes some gumption to aim a camera (or anything else) at such an individual as this and even he seems surprised by the photographer taking the shot- hence the arched eyebrow?

    I saw loads of photos shot during protests over the past year or so but none that were just routine shots of police or guards in calm moments so this stands out thusly as well. I personally am unaware of what was happening in Lyon around the 16 January 2016 time stamp- but this guy seems rather at ease as does everyone else in the photo. Note that he’s not in full combat gear.

    Adding just one more note on heavily armed police or soldiers on the street, perhaps some aren’t aware that many countries have varying levels of police up to and including national police forces that have long been militarized.

    An overall nice shot- clearly documenting a specific moment in time & place.
  17. Where have all the critiques gone, long time asking?
  18. Are you kidding?
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  19. A point of clarification. These Photo of the Week threads are not strictly for or about critiques. From the forum explanation ...

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